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My publisher says: I owe him how much?
April 9 8:04 PM
Richard Fine Presented by Tim Christian, Media Forensics
Xbox Live Arcade
April 4 4:02 PM
Richard Fine Presented by Jon David (Arcade Lead PM) and Katie Stone (Game PM)
Future Character Design: Out of the Lab and Into Your Game
March 30 4:00 PM
Kelly Murdock Presented by Katherine Isbister
Interview with Softimage
March 30 1:32 PM
Kelly Murdock Notes from an interview with Softimage's Gareth Morgan
Defining the Next Generation of Real-Time Characters
March 29 10:48 PM
Kelly Murdock This session was presented by Paul Steed
Modelign Next-Gen Characters: From Concept to Game
March 29 4:52 PM
Kelly Murdock This session featured Kevin Lanning and Jerry O'Flaherty of Epic Games.
3ds Max Tips and Tricks
March 29 3:53 PM
Kelly Murdock This session was presented by Kevin Booth
Interview with Autodesk
March 29 1:46 PM
Kelly Murdock Coverage of an interview with Rob Hoffman of Autodesk
Nintendo Keynote: "Disrupting Development"
March 28 8:25 PM
Kelly Murdock The Nintendo keynote was presented by Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo Co.
Character Rigging Best Practices
March 28 5:06 PM
Kelly Murdock Coverage of the Character Rigging Best Practices session presented by Steve Theodore and Doug Wilcox
3DS Max - Complex Data Mapping Production Techniques
March 28 0:44 AM
Kelly Murdock Coverage of the session presented by Vincent Brisebois
The Independent Games Festival
March 27 11:21 PM
Gaiiden Continuing coverage of the IGF right here!
Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games - Present and Future
March 27 10:56 PM
Gaiiden Steve Woodcock and Neil Kirby (the AI Guys) lead a beginner-level Q&A roundtable
Bootstrapping a Game Company in the Age of Blockbuster Budgets
March 27 10:22 PM
Gaiiden Albert Reed from Demiurge Studios talks about making it by as a small contracting studio
Playstation 3: Beyond the Box
March 27 4:31 PM
Kelly Murdock Coverage of Tuesday's Keynote Session presented by Sony's Phil Harrison
What's Next Panel
March 27 3:25 PM
Kelly Murdock Coverage of the What's Next Panel
Women in Game Development - The Other 360 Days
March 25 4:36 AM
DavidRM The 5 days of GDC provide a lot of exposure to women in game development. But what about the other 360 days in the year?
Attracting Women to Game Development
March 25 4:11 AM
DavidRM What causes women to leave their game jobs? What can we do to educate our employers about retaining female employees?
MMOGs For Mobile Phones
March 24 3:00 PM
David Michalson Expanding the mobile market
Interview with Richard Garriott "Lord British"!!!!
March 24 1:40 PM
Graham Wihlidal I managed to snag an interview with "Lord British". What an inspiring and intelligent man!
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