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My publisher says: I owe him how much?
Richard Fine  April 9 8:04 PM
Presented by Tim Christian, Media Forensics
Category: Business and Management Track
Xbox Live Arcade
Richard Fine  April 4 4:02 PM
Presented by Jon David (Arcade Lead PM) and Katie Stone (Game PM)
Category: Programming Track
Future Character Design: Out of the Lab and Into Your Game
Kelly Murdock  March 30 4:00 PM
Presented by Katherine Isbister
Category: Game Design Track
Interview with Softimage
Kelly Murdock  March 30 1:32 PM
Notes from an interview with Softimage's Gareth Morgan
Category: Interviews
Defining the Next Generation of Real-Time Characters
Kelly Murdock  March 29 10:48 PM
This session was presented by Paul Steed
Category: Visual Arts Track
Modelign Next-Gen Characters: From Concept to Game
Kelly Murdock  March 29 4:52 PM
This session featured Kevin Lanning and Jerry O'Flaherty of Epic Games.
Category: Visual Arts Track
3ds Max Tips and Tricks
Kelly Murdock  March 29 3:53 PM
This session was presented by Kevin Booth
Category: Visual Arts Track
Interview with Autodesk
Kelly Murdock  March 29 1:46 PM
Coverage of an interview with Rob Hoffman of Autodesk
Category: Interviews
Nintendo Keynote: "Disrupting Development"
Kelly Murdock  March 28 8:25 PM
The Nintendo keynote was presented by Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo Co.
Category: Keynotes
Character Rigging Best Practices
Kelly Murdock  March 28 5:06 PM
Coverage of the Character Rigging Best Practices session presented by Steve Theodore and Doug Wilcox
Category: Visual Arts Track
Press Releases
  Motorola Uncovers the Next Big Thing in Mobile Gaming
March 24 9:25 AM
  Darwinia Wins Grand Prize of $20,000 for Best Independent Game
March 24 9:19 AM
  Nintendo GDC Keynote: Sega Games on Revolution, Zelda DS
March 23 3:41 PM
  "Shadow of the Colossus" Dominates 6th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards
March 23 2:58 PM
  Game Audio Network Guild Partnership Program Focused on Game Audio Community
March 23 2:37 PM
  Scholarships from Ex’pression And Game Audio Network Guild Team
March 23 2:33 PM
  Motorola Uncovers the Next Big Thing in Mobile Gaming
March 23 2:23 PM
  NVIDIA Releases Latest Version of Gelato Rendering Software
March 23 2:11 PM
  3Dconnexion Offers 3D Input Device SDK
March 22 4:11 PM
  GDC 2006 in Full Swing
March 22 3:50 PM
  The Game Creators Integrate AGEIA PhysX Technology into DarkBASIC Professional
March 22 3:42 PM
  AGEIA Brings First Dedicated Physics Processor To Market
March 22 3:38 PM
  Emergent Game Technologies Launches Emergent Elements
March 22 3:33 PM
  Wwise Brings Next-Generation Sound to Next-Generation Gaming
March 22 3:20 PM
  Some Video Games Are Good For You
March 22 2:52 PM
  AI.implant Version 4.0 Breaks New Ground for Game Developers
March 22 2:00 PM
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