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Expo Photos

Here's another shot of the crowd throwing dartmen. Did we mention the booth next to us was Peer 1, the server company? Maybe we can get a hosting deal out of them with the attraction the dartmen gave to their booth. ;)

This is maybe one-fourth of the crowd that showed up to participate in the "throw the dartman at the target banner" contest going on in the booth next to us.

The booth next to us had a contest using our dartmen and their target banner. They gave away a few t-shirts. Talk about free marketing..

Richard "superpig" Fine at the post-GDC get together with all of the GameDev.net GDC press in the Fairmont Lobby. He just had a drink called the Girl Scout Cookie. This might have actually been after his second. Taken by Jen.

Kevin and Jennifer.

Jennifer stands with the hottest booth babe at the show. Oh wait, that was Jennifer.

Kevin Hawkins poses at the GameDev.net booth site browsing pedestal. As you can see, we gave out sticky dart men that took over the whole show by the end of the week.

The GameDev.net Booth (with ionForge). Yes, we were busy.

Yes, that is a Dartman on the ceiling thanks to Kevin's super-human strength



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