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Booth Babe Photos

Yay, more Kari! And a monkey... thing...

Kari again, with a guy with the elusive DemonWare bunny-humping shirt.

Nintendolls showcasing their goods.

Nintendoll Kari on the right, who kindly provided these photos to us.

The Nintendolls, who were more than happy to let you play with their DS.

More booth babes. Is this TGS? Guess not, there aren't 30 of them.

Don't worry folks, Undercover Michalson hasn't lost his suave secret agent touch - I merely took this photo before he was ready. Really. Hey... what's that ticking noise?

It's Undercover Michalson!! Posing as an S3 employee, he sidles up next to the babes... err... babe. Hey there were lots more than one!

Undercover Michalson poses with Quake 4 frag-babe Kornelia, who walked away after over 180 matches with two losses. Undercover Michalson!! You let her walk away?!?

nuff said

The Venus girls

Asian French Maids
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