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Get to know Sandman...  Moderator - Game Design
Full Name Alex Maitland Walker
Nickname Sandman 
State/Province, Country Greater London   United Kingdom
GD Gathering City London, Greater London, United Kingdom
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Job Title Game Programmer 
Job Description Programming Games 
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Member Since 8/30/2000 4:48:49 PM
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Some recent topics started on our forums
Pie and a Pint 3: Pie Hard With A Vengeance It's been well over a year since the last GDNet London meet up: I think we're overdue for another. I'm thinking some time in the summer might be good. (June/July) Since this forum has been dead for a while, I'm throwing this out as an initial inte... 
Posted April 28, 2008 6:02:40 AM
GDNet London Meet Do you live in London? Do you live near enough London to get a train? Do you feel like visiting London in the near future? Do you like pie? If the answer to any of these questions is "YES", click here.  
Posted May 23, 2008 10:39:50 AM
Scuba Diving, Digital Cameras & Girlfriends So, the gf and I have just booked our first holiday together, in which we plan to learn how to scuba dive. However, we're going to want to take some photos of all the weird slimy betentacled things that lurk beneath the surface, and for that we'r... 
Posted October 29, 2007 1:04:04 PM
GDNet London 2006 Gathering interest check Well, it's going to be 2006 soon, and I think we're overdue for another gathering. I'm thinking either the 7th or 28th of January, or pretty much any time in February. 14th and 21st are no good for me because I'll be in Austria enjoying all the lo... 
Posted December 20, 2005 7:24:54 AM
Hello World! (well, London at any rate) First Post! And as such, this would probably make a good place for people to say hello, introduce themselves, or discuss their latest recipe for jellied eels. I actually don't live in London at all, but just outside the M25 in a thrillingly exciti... 
Posted May 9, 2005 8:51:24 PM
The Strength of Player Rankings? To what lengths will a player go to get a 'better' in game title? I'm wondering how powerful persistent player rankings can be for determining how much effort players put into the game. How much can we, as game designers, rely on them for enc... 
Posted June 4, 2005 9:36:49 AM
RTS Interface: Strategic Markers I've been thinking a lot about taking a slightly different approach to the RTS interface lately, with the goal of coming up with something that gives the player a high degree of flexibility, whilst being scalable enough to cope with both small and la... 
Posted January 11, 2005 8:11:08 AM
AI Generals: More interesting computer opponents [RTS] In my opinion, the meat of any RTS game is in the skirmish missions. The campaign is good for one or two plays, but after that, the thing that keeps you playing are the single player and multi player skirmishes. One problem with the single p... 
Posted August 5, 2004 5:28:33 AM
Critters? [RTS] What do you think of critters in RTS games? How much impact do you think they should have on gameplay? Some examples from popular games: Starcraft: Critters have approximately zero impact on gameplay, their only purpose it seems is... 
Posted July 15, 2004 3:16:06 PM
Endgame Have you ever played a strategy game, beaten your opponent (be it a computer or human opponent) and felt the end game to be somewhat anticlimactic? Or have you been beaten squarely by someone else, and sat watching helplessly waiting for him to finis... 
Posted April 29, 2004 8:04:06 AM
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Some recent replies made on our forums
Three "tiers" of roleplaying Quote:Original post by markm "You sound like one of those crazy cultists who believe in 'the planet known as Earth'. Knowing you're type next you'll be claiming to actually be *from* Earth..." I think that might get a bit tiresome after the... 
Posted December 23, 2010 4:27:52 AM
Three "tiers" of roleplaying Why do only roleplayers get to have hardcore rules? Plenty of non-roleplayers enjoy these too. Also, I don't think you can really mix roleplayers and non-roleplayers, unless they are somehow prevented from communicating with each other. How c... 
Posted December 18, 2010 10:06:30 AM
Collect your idea Read this. Then, feel free to start a new thread to ask a better question.  
Posted July 30, 2010 5:55:32 AM
3D Camera Quote:Original post by wioneo Every system that I've used before has x increasing to the right, y increasing downward, and z increasing out of the screen, but unless I'm doing something wrong, OpenGL seems to have y increasing upward. OpenGL us... 
Posted July 22, 2010 8:20:47 PM
Private Public Quote:Original post by wioneo I've always been bad with stylized things without clear tangible benefits/costs to compare, so I have a feeling that I might end up with bad coding tendency for the sake of personal convenience...but I can't think of an... 
Posted July 22, 2010 6:09:57 AM
Character Class Systems Quote:Original post by Kylotan Playing Devil's advocate here: I actually like class-based systems if done well. Quote:Original post by Sandman I don't actually think skill based systems really give you that much real variety. They merely give you... 
Posted July 16, 2010 12:29:53 PM
[XNA] Enemy AI Problems Sorry, meant to reply to this yesterday but got distracted at work. Quote:Original post by -XM- 1) Some of my enemies are not being drawn! They detect collsion and explode but are completely invisible on the screen! I really have no clue ... 
Posted July 16, 2010 9:47:01 AM
Character Class Systems I'm going to be controversial and vote for one of the class based options. I don't actually think skill based systems really give you that much real variety. They merely give you the illusion of variety, and the means for players to shoot the... 
Posted July 15, 2010 1:56:44 PM
[XNA] Enemy AI Problems Edited OP for readability (broken table breaking monster comment into several lines) 
Posted July 15, 2010 7:42:16 AM
Help with Pong AI in C# w/ XNA You haven't provided much information in your post. How have you been approaching the problem so far?  
Posted July 14, 2010 7:15:54 AM
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