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Get to know Null and Void...  Moderator - Everything Unix
Full Name Paul Varga
Nickname Null and Void 
State/Province, Country CO   United States
GD Gathering City Aurora, CO, United States
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Member Since 9/7/2000 7:47:58 PM
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Some recent topics started on our forums
Reliable UDP/IP Techniques Ok, my UDP/IP is now working. I know that UDP isn't guaranteed to arrive in any order or at all, so I was wondering what techniques are commonly used to ensure packets arrive? I could probably design my own, but I know it wouldn't be efficient or pre... 
Posted April 25, 2001 9:36:44 PM
Bad Pool Call? Well, when I go to boot Win2K I get greeted with a warm blue screen . The error is "BAD_POOL_CALL". I tried to boot into safe mode, but it locks after I select "Safe Mode" or "Safe Mode with X". I haven’t added any hardware, or changed any driv... 
Posted November 13, 2001 5:27:35 PM
My CDROM drive attacked a CDROM? I felt like playing Diablo II a couple minutes ago (when I was in Windows, since I was replying to that "Scripting" thread). So, I open my CD-ROM drive to check if the play disk is in there (since I don’t use a No-CD executable for playing Diab... 
Posted April 9, 2002 6:12:46 PM
Anyone have a work around? The following legal code doesn’t work and is known to not work in MSVC 6: #include <iostream> class inner_base { public: virtual void output(void) = 0; }; class inner_a : public inner_base { public: virtual void o... 
Posted April 24, 2002 11:59:48 PM
Banned? Recently I’ve been dropping in to the Afternet #gamedev channel. I don’t really talk (I haven’t seen anything I wanted to reply to yet, heh), but I get bored and like to watch what’s going on . Today I tried to log in and get... 
Posted February 2, 2002 9:20:45 PM
Another thread about Opera The new beta of Opera 6.0 seems to like your advertisement now . I thought you’d like to know after all those times I told you the banner didn’t work in Opera 5.12 . [Resist Windows XP’s Invasive Production Activation Technol... 
Posted November 18, 2001 3:49:50 PM
Getting Employed at 16 Well, the title sums it up: I’m trying to find out how to get a summer job programming _anything_, even for minimum wage (it would have to be paying something for my parents to let me not go to my Virginia over the summer, where I have no progr... 
Posted May 11, 2001 11:38:56 PM
Does GCC Hate Me? GCC (version 2.95.3) doesn’t let me do multiline macros, but it lets me do single line ones just fine. I am currently doing them like this (is this wrong or something? ): #define Swap(a,b) { \ int t = a; \ a = b; \ b = t; \ } ... 
Posted October 23, 2001 12:05:17 AM
glViewport math I am wondering what the math behind what glViewport does to the projection matrix is. This is not crutial, I’d just really like to know . Thanks in advance. [Resist Windows XP’s Invasive Production Activation Technology!] 
Posted October 20, 2001 8:43:42 PM
HD Controller Problems with Win2K I just changed out my motherboard, CPU, et cetera, and can no longer boot Win2K. Safe mode and console don’t work either. The error I receive is INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE (or something like that), and it tells me to remove new hard drives or har... 
Posted October 4, 2001 8:12:48 AM
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Some recent replies made on our forums
Runtime TLS initialization when using clone() If I'm not mistaken, to have __thread work properly with clone you must use the flag CLONE_SETTLS and setup a thread local storage descriptor to pass as the sixth argument to clone. As far as I am aware this will be kernel/architecture specific. That... 
Posted January 6, 2011 2:50:30 PM
checking Mouse Click in the Linux without events Something like this in Xlib (although, avoiding events is hardly the proper "X" way): Display *display; Window window; bool Mouse::isKeyDown(int key) const { const unsigned int masks[5] = { Button1Mask, Button2Mask, Button3Mask, Bu... 
Posted December 13, 2010 8:40:20 PM
how to use dynamic link so file in cygwin Quote:-rdynamic: Pass the flag -export-dynamic to the ELF linker, on targets that support it. This instructs the linker to add all symbols, not only used ones, to the dynamic symbol table. This option is needed for some uses of "dlopen... 
Posted November 25, 2010 3:43:20 PM
compiling .cpp as .mm Try adding the option -x objective-c++. 
Posted July 19, 2010 8:11:51 PM
CentOs remote desktop help Quote:Original post by Kaze I figured out how to install x on cygwin, now: 1: how do I use gnome instead of the default x GNOME must be installed on the server, start it with gnome-session. Quote:Original post by Kaze 2: how do I con... 
Posted July 17, 2010 7:38:50 PM
CentOs remote desktop help Quote:Original post by Kaze When I tried startx I got Fatal server error: PAM authentication failed, cannot start X server. Perhaps you do not have console ownership? How do I fix it and why do I need authentication when I'm already using... 
Posted July 14, 2010 2:34:08 AM
CentOs remote desktop help The way I've done it in the past (the hard way, probably ;)): Your server needs to have an X application or desktop manager installed and SSH up and running and accessible, as you've already done. You will need a X server running on your Wind... 
Posted July 13, 2010 12:54:50 AM
Installing Python 2.6.4 on CentOS 5.4 I couldn't say if doing this manually is the proper way, but in you can add modules to the disabled_module_list to skip them. # Replace: disabled_module_list = [] # With: disabled_module_list = ['bsddb185', 'dl', 'imageop', 'sunaudio... 
Posted November 18, 2009 5:24:54 PM
Where to store system wide settings? Not impossible, but nontraditional. I suppose you could make a sub-directory in your program's /etc, say /etc/myprogram/userconfig. Make that directory world readable/writable/executable and set the sticky bit so that it's like /tmp, to keep users... 
Posted November 2, 2009 9:07:35 AM
XInput no (relative) mouse movement events at the border of the desktop The most common hack is to move the mouse pointer to the center of the screen after each motion event. Someone was working on a true relative motion extension, but I haven't heard anything about it in a while. 
Posted August 30, 2009 2:20:54 PM
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