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Nickname waxx 
State/Province, Country Zachodniopomorskie   Poland
GD Gathering City Koszalin, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland
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Member Since 6/10/2010 2:18:07 PM
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Some recent topics started on our forums
SFML UDP problems Hello! I've been recently coding my first attempt on fps server and unfortunately got problems with sockets very early. Basically when I bind in udp socket to a specific port it looks like I get all the messages for first few seconds and then... 
Posted January 6, 2011 5:05:32 PM
FPS Game Server Hello! As far as I know server of fps game should handle all game mechanics and updates and send snapshots of changes every specified portion of time. I seem to understand that concept well. Problem comes with input in my case. Basic movement is... 
Posted January 4, 2011 10:22:34 AM
loading resources and progress bar hi guys was wondering how do u do the loading resources and progress bar? how can u achieve smooth loading ? need threads for this? c++ 
Posted June 10, 2010 2:24:10 PM
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Some recent replies made on our forums
SFML UDP problems Looks like neither my solution or yours work. Packets stop arriving after few seconds. I've noticed however that it works in LAN. I've forwarded ports on both pcs that are over internet, so its not the case. 
Posted January 7, 2011 7:39:36 AM
SFML UDP problems Oh right thanks. I was running both tcp and udp in my test @ same port.  
Posted January 7, 2011 1:18:44 AM
FPS Game Server I dont think you understand I hit LMB and send server that info, server then keep firing bullets (creating them and updating) according to my rotation. 
Posted January 4, 2011 10:46:41 AM
FPS Game Server What if I fire machinegun and keep moving my mouse? 
Posted January 4, 2011 10:32:13 AM
loading resources and progress bar omg so easy! thanks dude didnt even think about something that easy :P 
Posted June 10, 2010 2:32:18 PM
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