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FAQ - Game Programming
Ground rules
- Use descriptive post titles. "OMG HELP PLZ!" is not only annoying, but it waste"s a lot of people"s time.
- Search the forums before you ask a question, chances are it"s already been answered.
- This is not the help wanted forum, do not try to organize teams here -- there"s already a place set up for that.
- Try not to use this forum as an announcements forum. I"m a bit lenient about this, for instance if you just finished a project you"ve spent a great deal of time I"m usually ok with asking for feedback. However, if the forum starts getting inundated with these types of posts we"ll have to start moving them, so be responsible about this.
- If your post is missing chances are it"s been moved, not deleted. Threads are only deleted if they"re obvious flame bait.
- Before you ask any beginner questions, look here.

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