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FAQ - General Programming
Hello, and welcome to the General Programming forum. Besides the standard terms of use, there are three simple rules in effect here.

(1) Ask intelligent questions. A question is not intelligent if its answer is something you could find with a little bit of effort or a quick Google search. If you've already found the answer but you're not sure what it means or how to put it into practice, that's okay. In any case, we'd just like you to demonstrate that you've thought about the problem a little.

Once you've posted a question, please give others a chance to respond. You must wait a minimum of 24 hours before bumping a thread in the General Programming forum.

(2) Be respectful of others. This covers a broad range of behavior. In general, you should defer to the decision of moderators, treat the opinions of your colleagues with respect (even when you disagree with them), and respect the community by phrasing your questions clearly and concisely. Conversely, this also means that attacking others is frowned upon.

This also means that you shouldn't use excessive profanity, make posts that no one can understand or that are riddled with grammatical and spelling errors, and you shouldn't ask for homework help. Curiosity for its own sake is a wonderful thing and always encouraged, so feel free to ask a question if you're having trouble. But using the resources of the community for a purely selfish endeavor (like finishing your homework at the last minute) will not be tolerated.

(3) Don't troll. Breaches of either of the above rules will result in commensurate penalties as I or other moderators see fit.

If you have questions about anything or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to PM me.


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