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FAQ - Writing for Games
Ok, first this forum is about writing _fiction_, not _code_. In this forum we talk about character, plot, setting, worldbuilding, motif, theme, genre, trope, character dynamic, dramatic tension, narration, and all that good literary theory stuff. Don't flame, don't troll, cite your sources, and we'll all be happy campers here in our little dialectic community. Writing for books, graphic novels, and other mixed media like animated films is on topic, because I say so. Using AI to generate dialogue or narration is also on-topic, as are non-fiction articles you are writing about game-related subjects.

One thing that's different about this forum than the other Gamedev forums - in this forum you are welcome to resurrect old threads, because the problems of writing are the same from year to year, and any new answers we find to old questions should be shared. BUT make sure you post something useful to ressurrect them.

May your membership in this community be fun and enlightening.


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