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FAQ - Visual Arts

Posting your artwork/portfolio

You may post your artwork or portfolio in the Visual Arts forum if you are looking for feedback or discussion about your art. Don't just post a link to your work -- start the conversation, ask a question, talk about where you want to go with your work to give people some idea of what angle to critique you from.

Teams looking for artists & artists looking for work

If you are posting your artwork to find work or to join a team or if you are a team looking for artists then please post in the Help Wanted forum.

Advertising your company/software/assets

If you are promoting your outsourcing company, your art software, or are trying to get people to buy the asset packs you or your company has created, please post in the Your Announcements forum.

You may talk about any of the above services and products that you are offering if you are legitimately interested in a discussion about the subject from a visual arts perspective and not advertising.

What 3D Software is available?

See this thread for an up-to-date list of all the 3D software currently available, broken down by price range.

Asking for help..

When asking a question, such as "when dealing with this shader" or "why is my color palette" or "how do I convert to NURBS", it's important that you specify what software you're working with. All design packages have different methods of doing the same thing with varying jargon and terminology. Compositing inside Discreet Combustion is a different beast than Adobe After Effects. NURBS toolsets are different in Rhino than they are in Maya. Photoshop is a whole other ballpark than GIMP.

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