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FAQ - Graphics Programming and Theory
Welcome to the graphics programming and theory forum !

The purpose of this forum is to discuss advanced graphics related algorithms, effects, implementation issues, or just purely theoretical ideas.

The idea is to keep discussions independent of a specific API. Graphics programming is a very wide field, so almost everything graphics related is welcome: realtime 2D or 3D, raytracing, radiosity, special effects, etc.

Please try and be aware of whether the question you're asking is really a graphics question; questions on things like spatial subdivision structures (octrees and the like) are frequently pertaining to non-graphics areas like collision detection; such questions would probably be better off in the Game Programming or Math and Physics forums, though if you're asking about them in a graphics context, that's fine.

Content creation questions - that is, questions about the process of actually creating/obtaining the models/images that you then display - are generally better suited to the Visual Arts forum. Questions about working with particular graphics file formats are generally OK, though you should search the forum first (because it tends to be the same questions, and they'll just get the same answers).

If you have a general question specific to a certain API, then please post it to a dedicated forum (OpenGL forum or DirectX forum). However, questions about implementing an algorithm or effect using a specific API are perfectly welcome here.


NOT OK: "How do I setup an FVF or vertex array ?"
OK: "I developed this EMBM water effect, but I need some help implementing it in OpenGL or D3D"

To keep the forum enjoyable and professional, please respect the following guidelines:
  • Search first. Perhaps your question has already been answered on this board. If not, try to search the web.
  • Make sure, that this is the right forum for your question. This is especially important, if your post involves references to a specific API (OpenGL, D3D, SDL).
  • Keep in mind, that this is an advanced forum. If you have a beginner level question ("How do I start with GDI programming ?"), then please post in the beginner forum.
  • Direct3D vs. OpenGL, C vs. C++, C vs. VB, Windows vs. Linux, and similar threads will NOT be tolerated on this forum. They will immediately be closed and/or deleted.
  • Please keep the forum clean. If you feel the urge to post crap, then do that on a different message board. Crap posts will be deleted on sight.

Should you have any questions, criticism or suggestions, just drop me a mail.

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