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FAQ - Isometric Land

Q: What articles on should I check out before posting my question in the Isometric Land forum?

A: Many questions are answered in the Isometric and Tile-based Games section.

Q: Is there a book I can read on this stuff?

A: Yes. Isometric Game Programming with DirectX 7.0.

Q: Should I use X to make my Isometric Game?(X is anything from C++ to VB to DirectX to OpenGL)

A: I (TANSTAAFL) have used the following languages/APIs/etc to make applications that make use of the isometric view: Visual Basic, Visual C++, GDI, DirectDraw, Direct3D, SDL, Java, Game Maker, Borland Pascal, Delphi, QBASIC. Choose your language, compiler, api, and tools based on the needs of your application, not solely because something is popular. I once won a competition by using VB and MS Paint.

Q: What is the difference between ISO2D and ISO3D?

A: The primary difference lies in rendering technique. Generally, ISO2D scene will be rendered using a 2D API such as DirectDraw, GDI, or SDL, and an ISO3D scene will be rendered using a 3D API, like Direct3D or OpenGL.

Q: Which is better, ISO2D or ISO3D?

A: My official answer to this question is "better for what?" A more explanatory answer is that there is no generally preferred methodology. In both ISO2D and ISO3D, some operations become simpler, while other operations become more complex. In ISO2D you typically can lower the system requirements of your application, while sacrificing some or most of the really neat looking stuff you can do with ISO3D. In ISO3D, you gain some really spiffy looking effects(lighting, rotation, alpha blending) while upping the system requirements considerably. In ISO2D you typically require a lot more art assets to do the same job.

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