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FAQ - Music and Sound

Forum Rules

  • Nothing Illegal. No pirated software, and no pirated music (this is obvious and will get you banned).
  • Do not cross post.
  • Do not thread-hijack. In particular - if someone else asks for commentary on their music, it's rude to post asking about your own music. Start a new thread.

Help Wanted

If you're looking for a project (either full time or contract) then the place to post your ads is the Help Wanted forum. (Please observe the Mandatory Posting Template! The Music and Sound forum is focused on discussion, sharing work for feedback, collaboration and industry news.

Posting Music

One popular way of using this forum is to post your music (or sound) asking for comment. Please keep it up.

If you're going to post your music, try to post plenty of information about it: how you made it, what software/hardware you used, what you were aiming for, etc. Also post the download details (like "3mb mp3" or "500kb ogg") along with your link (use HTML).

Also, remember to fill in your ID3 or other metadata. Particularly with your name and contact information/website. You never know when someone might want to contact you or maybe even hire you.

Music Programming

A few of the people who visit the forum are programmers. The majority aren't. If you're going to post programming (and particularly API) questions, you'll get better answers in the programming forums (such as General Programming, For Beginners, Alternative Game Libraries or DirectX).


This FAQ is by your friendly moderator, Nathan Madsen. If you have any questions, please PM me.

Last updated: Jan 3rd 2011

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