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The Champion of Dirospear V.1.2.2
Developer   ManaStone

About: The champion of Dirospear is a game in which the city of Dirospear is being attack by orcs and skeletons. The main objective is to protect the cities from the invaders by going into their cities and killing their leaders. Once that is finished, the game is over and the player wins. The player can lose by either getting killed or when all of the city guards die.

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The champion of Dirospear was developed by Team TOO for Roger West's Software Engineering course at UIS. The game stats will be adjusted in the near future to make game play more enjoyable.

Game Features
- Real time combat with magery
- Hire mercenaries
- Kill Orcs and Skeletons
- Collect Spells
- Wage a counter attack against the Orc and Skeletal Cites
- Save/Load
updated 8/14/05
o The spawn rate has changed.
o A guard count bug was fixed.
o Armor bug was fixed.
o Frustum is bigger.
o More accurate save.
o probably some other stuff I'm forgetting.

Source Code and files my be found here. IF ANYONE CAN PORT THIS TO A MAC, PLEASE DO SO AND PM ME.

System Requirements

I haven’t tested it on a lot of systems but this is at MOST you will need to run the game. The minimum requirements are probably a lot less.

32mb graphics card
512 MB RAM
866 Pentium III processor
Windows 98 or newer operating system
Direct X 9.0


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