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Project Paladin (alpha)
Developer   EvDaedalus

About: Extreme alpha version of my first person hack-n-slash RPG!

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This is just the start of my first person RPG project. I kinda ran into a wall because my algorithms for drawing terrain are horrendous and it ate up the entire system. Also programming AI for a 3-D environment like that is hella-complicated! I will probably not work on it for awhile if I work on it at all, but I thought I would share with you guys what I had so far.

You can basically run around - open a door or two and slay the big blue balls!

If you are really brave you can try and use my world editor (which doesnt have a good explantation or very good controls). It is not nearly complete, but it might be fun to screw around with the map! To edit the terrain you change the heightmap.bmp and texturemap.bmp then open the world editor to place blocks/enemies/doors/etc. When you quit it saves and you can see the changes in the game!

The source code (and visual C++ project) is available at:

System Requirements

Pretty steep right now!
1.5 ghz proccessor
512mg DDR RAM
And a decent video card
(I use Radeon 9800)


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