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Developer   volking

About: Game is FULLY FUNCTIONAL for 1-6 players gathered around one keyboard. It still needs work for P2P across the web. Rock-Sizzors-Paper taken to the ultimate! ALPHA version release - Partially working stuff is ok here, right? Well, web P2P isn't working yet and posting strategies to RiSiP web central ain't even started. But the game is still interesting.

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Game is FULLY FUNCTIONAL for 1-6 players gathered around one keyboard. It still needs work for P2P across the web.

I have been working on this game concept since 2004. In late 2006 I even filed three patents. RiSip (or Rock-Sizzors-Paper) was originally designed as a boardgame. (See original design in attached file RSPMaster.DOC) However, market testing suggested the "Elimination" phase was too complex for the "average" person. So, the game has been computerized.

RiSiP's computer version can be played by 1-to-6 players. Players can (a) crowd around one keyboard and play face to face, or (b) players can be spread across the web or (c) any combination of face-to-face and across the web.

Play is quite fast with many thrills-of-victory AND agonies-of-defeat for each player throughout a game. Game play builds through three distinct phases, with each phase more wild and crazy. An average 2 player game takes about 20 minutes. Play can be extremely simplistic (even 6 year olds can have a blast) ... or ... play can be quite involved with predefined strategies, one-on-many competitions and enough intensity for Master-Level chess players. Advanced players can pre-build secret strategies (actually quite simple to do) and post their strategies to the web for other players to compete against (either live or off-line).

System Requirements

Until I get the install finished right ... you'll need
- Windows
- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
- Microsoft's SQL Server Express edition


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