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Blumenmacht (Version 2.1b)
Developer   urs

About: Blumenmacht is a unique mixture of shoot'em up and memory gameplay. The nonviolent game has a colourful flowerpower theme. It comes with a short tutorial. You can play nine levels on three different difficulty settings.

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In Blumenmacht Ballerinas are joining a flowerpower pogo dance. You are in control of the Ballerina who takes the leading part. She is the Prima Ballerina.
To win a dance your Prima Ballerina has to throw flowers at the other Ballerinas until they are all happy. They try to do the same with your Prima Ballerina. But if they succeed and your Prima Ballerina is happy, you lost the dance.
During a dance you can always choose which Ballerina should take the leading part of the Prima Ballerina. Throw blossoms at the muses and they will spend your Prima Ballerina talents.

Some technical infos about Blumenmacht:

The game was programmed with C++. Microsoft Visual 2003 .NET was choosen as the development environment. I used OpenGL for graphics and SDL for input/sound. The graphics were created with GIMP 2. I developed Blumenmacht from bottom up over the last two years.

System Requirements

A Windows XP PC

Version History:

Version 2.1b
(Released: 7. Mai 2007)
- If Blumenmacht should crash: Four steps to make Blumenmacht run stable. (ReadMe.txt)

Version 2.1a
(Released: 18. April 2007)
- Replaced the keyboard input for moving the Prima Ballerina and entering the names with mouse input. (100% mouse input!)
- The game has in game advices.
- Updated the tutorial.
- Lowered the difficulty.
- Newest Version of SDL (

Version 2.0b
(Released: 6. April 2007)
- Corrected some orthographical mistakes.

Version 2.0a
(Released: 2. April 2007)
- A totally revamped and more accessible version of Blumenmacht.

Version 1.0d
(Released: 14. November 2006)
- Added a short HowToPlay.pdf and a six page Manual.pdf.

Version 1.0c
(Released: 5. Oktober 2006)
- Flower explosion moved from background to foreground.
- Golden Rule Goddess slowdown bug killed.
- Game starts with the level with the lowest medal if all levels have been successfully played.
- Game starts with the highest possible difficulty setting.
- Best times are set and get saved in level 31, 32 and 33 for all three difficulty settings.

Version 1.0b
(Released: 24. September 2006)
- No blue layer and flickering with ATI cards
- New game background for Freeze Time
- Freeze Time countdown is represented with a flower.
- Loading Screen at startup added.
- SDL.DLL version replaced with version

Version 1.0
(Released: 17.September 2006)


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