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Druink Bomber
Developer   Evil Steve

About: Another Bomberman clone. A few minor diferences between this and the original Bomberman though. First, you can walk over bombs that have been dropped, secondly, if a bomb detonates near to another bomb, it'll set up a chain reaction of bombs. Lastly, explosions can travel through walls

Game Info How To Play Downloads Comments


  • A cracking soundtrack (Ok, 2 tracks) by Machinae Supremacy
  • Lovely particle effects
  • Jazzy sound effects
  • Large maps (20x15 tiles)
  • A reasonably intelligent AI
  • Splash screen, menu and highscores
    Explosions travel through walls more realisticly. If there is a one-tile think wall and a bomb goes off behind it, the explosion carries on outwards.
    You can download the AI source code from Here, and modify it if you want to try and write some better AI if you want. Could also be used for a Comp Sci AI project ;)

    You can also download a version of the game without music from Here (660Kb)

    System Requirements

    Windows 2000, XP (Not 9x)
    700MHz CPU
    128Mb RAM
    DirectX 9.0
    16Mb GFX card, GeForce 2 or higher recommended


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