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space invaders!
Developer   Jesse_P

About: 2 versions of my SPACE INVADERS remake: one with the semy-original space invaders graphics and one with galaga graphics.

Game Info How To Play Downloads Comments


a remake of the original space invaders. partly complete, fully playable.
modified sept 28, 2006
<updated version>
implemented score table level dificulty.
changed some of the graphics to my own.
pretty much complete. not interested in continuing this project anymore. I am willing provide source code to any one interested in it to do as you want. Galaga graphics and sounds along with most of the sound are ripps of arcade games. but the larger more detailed Space Invaders graphics are mine and I declared them as public domain.

System Requirements

windows xp
a graphics card capable of displaying 480x360 for full screen other wise window mode
direct x7 or above compatible.


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