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Thief in the Night
Developer   DavidNeal

About: Use your wall running, wall jumping, and stealth walking skills to avoid detection while collecting all of the hidden items in the mansion before the timer countdown reaches zero. Guards will shoot you if they detect you. If they hit you three times, you will loose time!

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This game was made by six Full Sail students. It took us from December '06 to April '07 to go from concept to completion.

My main job was developing the AI for the guards in the mansion. They will wander around a set path inside of the mansion, actively seeking out the player. If they see or hear the player, They'll begin to shoot at the player, so don't get caught!

This is without a doubt the proudest moment in my life so far. My main goal for putting this game up is to have easy access for others that I can't show in person to download and enjoy. I'm also looking for people that happen to be hiring for any sort of game development position to hopefully be interested enough to drop me a line!

If you have any questions or concerns about the game feel free to send me a message and I'd be happy to help :)

-Dave Neal

Aaron Eady
Michael Graves
Chris Foti
Justin Martiniak
Michael McFarland
David Neal (me!)

System Requirements

ATI Graphics card with shader support (for reasons we couldn't figure out, Nvidia cards don't run the game correctly. Sorry!)


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