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Developer   FenrirWolf

About: Thumb-blistering arcade action set in a future world ruled by alien-humans!

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NOTICE: Completed! Adagio has been finished. Version 3.03 is complete and available for download here or at the Gaping Wolf Software website.

You are Karth Solemu, a young badger who's been isolated from his friends and family due to a sudden outcrop of a strange fungal infection growing on your planet. It's taking over machines and playing havoc with your lives. Being that you are Gn'rthan, you are not warlike and don't want to fight. But as time grows short and more of your planet falls into chaos, there isn't much choice. So you ask the Central core -- the benevolent AI that governs your society -- to build you a fighting spaceship and equipt it with powerful weapons. She does as you ask, but just before she can download a small copy of herself into it's memory core and send it out to fight the fungus -- All communication lines go dead. The Jvaran Empire is attacking several Gn'rthan strongholds all at once, and the FTL airwaves are filled with jamming static.

What to do? Sit and let both the Jvaran Empire and this strange fungus kill your friends? No, you have to act, so you re-program the fighter to accept manual control and jump into the virgin cockpit.

But who created the fungus? Why is it attacking your planet? And what are these strange lifeforms that are popping out of cocoons created by the fungus? And on top of that, the Jvaran Divine Navy is in the region!

This is the story of HalfLight: Adagio.


Adagio is a fast paced 2D shoot-em-up in the tradition of many Genesis and Amiga games of similiar type. The full version will contain 6 levels that challenge your skill as well as reveal the game's story.

The timeline for Adagio occurs between the original HalfLight and HalfLight: Crusade.

System Requirements

400 MHz or faster CPU
64 MB of RAM or higher
Video Card with 16 MB of RAM or higher
Windows 2000, 2003, or XP
DirectX 7.0 or higher


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