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Developer   Eddie Hicks

About: This project contains one scene and one stand alone object

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This project is a the test scene for the game I am currently working on. The file runs on rwx files (porduced by the CobDump software) and will display one rotating object and one area. The keys for this project are:

'A' to look down
'S' to look up
'W' to stop rotation
'Q' to start rotation
'E' to rotate left
'R' to rotate right
arrow keys to move

There are no bounderies so it is possible to walk throught
walls, the project's purpose is for display only. This porject and any other projects I have built can be found at:


I am currently studying OpenGl so I would like feedback on this project and any others. In advance, thank you for your time and I am waiting for your responce.
Your comments can be sent to:


Eddie Hicks

System Requirements

this project should run on any system


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