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CSRPG2 for Windows
Developer   Ravuya

About: You are a computer science student summoned to Firetruck Rocketship University to tutor under the esteemed Dr. Questy. However, since computers haven't been invented yet, you are told to do increasingly moronic and menial tasks. You will do these tasks, and then report to Lord Rav in the East Castle for your diploma. You will enjoy these tasks.

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A cross-platform role playing game written in C++ using the SDL library. Popular amongst nutbars and RPG addicts.

- Adventuring
- Tactical combat
- Alcohol abuse
- A variety of fun quests
- Gambling
- Various things to buy
- A fun ending
- Save/Load

This version is new from the one that was originally submitted with the GD Showcase, and features a fix for the player-world collision bugs.

System Requirements

Windows (recommended: NT-based)


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