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Freezer 2 for Mac OS X
Developer   Ravuya

About: Aliens are coming to eat everyone's brains! You, our intrepid hero, must therefore put the entire town on ice using the community's deep freezes and large stockpile of assault weaponry.

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Short In Game Manual:
WASD, arrows: Move north, south, west and east
Mouse movement: Aim at things (your gun sight turns
red if you can't hit them)
Mouse 1: Fire a bullet from your gun at the target
Mouse 2: Reload your gun (use R for single button
Space: Talk to NPCs, pick up bodies for dragging,
pick up weapons from the ground.
I: Show Game Info (Progress) in the corner of the
screen. From top to bottom:
- Live townspeople
- Dead townspeople
- Frozen townspeople
You win when everyone is frozen.

Go from place to place, killing the townspeople and dragging their bodies back to the freezers.

Townspeople hear bullets, see deaths and wounds, and notice when you are dragging bodies around past them. The police will attack you when they see these things occur.

To dump a body in the freezer, just drag it nearby.

Keep in mind you cannot fire while dragging a body and your movement speed is greatly reduced.

The player gains combos from killing multiple people.

5X combo:
Gain "killer vision" allowing you to spot NPCs and Freezers easily

10X combo:
Regain 10 HP (one bar) for each kill you get after 10 in the combo chain. The only way to live in survival mode.

Survival Mode
Survival mode is a competition to get the most kills in the shortest period of time. Cops constantly spawn around you and attack with their pistols. Your only source of health are the bonuses you get from combos.

You start off with a micro assault rifle and 1500 rounds;
when these are expended you must scrounge through the bodies for their pistols. You cannot drag bodies in this mode.

Cops start out with very little health, but then increase dramatically in toughness as time goes on.

When you die in this mode, the game is over and your score is ranked in terms of kills and survival time.

Level Editor/SHilScript
The level editor is built into the game, just press "E" at the title pane to access it.

Use arrows/WASD to scroll, Z and X to select tile, left click to place a single tile and right click to flood fill tiles. Hold down space while scrolling to scroll faster. C saves the map to disk.

This game uses SHilScript, and via editing of the entities.txt file in the data directory you can create area-effect script triggers, which can do things from playing sounds, to changing the map, to executing cinema scenes.

NPCs can also be edited to execute scripts when they are talked to; this is much the same way -- just edit their definition files.

A more complete SHilScript reference will arrive soon.

Debug Console
The game ships with a debug console. Press the ~ (tilde) key to access it.

The supported commands are:
spawndrone - create peasant at your location
spawncop - create cop at your location
comboup - reset combo timer, increase count by 1
freakout - all NPCs hate you
wingame - jump to the end cinema scene
healme - full health
fullammo - 1000 bullets if you have a gun
sshot - screenshot of console in console.bmp
version - get game version
exit - leave the console

You can also push the up key to go to the last entered Console

Physics Editing
In the data folder, a file called "physics.dat" allows you to edit
the game's physics. This is not recommended for most users.

The values:
Value Default

Items (other than the guns)
Drug Pills: These are pills that cause you to enter slow motion mode. While in this mode, your movement is greatly sped up while your perception is slowed, for greater degrees of control and survival.
Health Packs: These items will fully revive your health.

When you die, you will be respawned at the nearest hospital, with only one bar of health remaining, and your weapons dropped where you fell.

System Requirements

At least a G3/400 or higher.
OpenGL hardware acceleration support.
OS X 10.2 or higher, 128MB of RAM or higher


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