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Tank Supremacy
Developer   Jesse_P

About: This is a tank elimination game. destroy all tanks to finish game

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This is a game I have been working on my free time. I will implement artificial intelligence, and if I am able to learn network I will implement it also. if anybody notices a resemblance to any other game, it is just a coincidence. I am using music from other games. The graphics Are my own creation. This is by no means a complete game. I appreciate any ideas, suggestions, or advice? I am using this game as a steping stone in my learning process so don't spect too much.

edit: minor update 12/12/06 6:13(GMT-8)
tank now uses ai with the cannon. now it locates target(player) and fires weapon. next step is serch and destroy. Hope you all like it.

System Requirements

windows dx7. I have not tested it with any thing less than my 2ghz p4 IBM Laptop with Radeon 7500 16MB graphics card. Any problems running let me know?


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