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Angels 20 Demo v 0.9.9(ish)
Developer   Sir Sapo

About: Angels 20 is a throwback to the original Wings of Fury. Fly your plane off of the Aircraft Carrier, and destroy your enemy.

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Update: Okay, this is the latest completed version that we finished before we shelved the project, so don't expect any more "regular" updates, although we may be working on similar projects in the future, so stay tuned!

Have Fun :)

Angels 20 is a throwback to the original Wings of Fury. We took the original formula of giving you a checklist of targets, and letting you destroy them in whatever order you like, and updated it with better graphics, more enemies, and more destructive weapons. Armed with a cannon, and either Rockets, Bombs, or Guided Missiles, you fly your Partisan fighter into harms way to destroy the enemy.

Features include:
-Old-School 2D Graphics via OpenGL
-A (hopefully :D) engaging storyline
-15+ single player missions
-Weather effects(rain , night/day cycles)
-built-in level editor
-Dogfight multiplayer game for up to 8 players
-Fight all different kinds of enemies over Islands , Forests,Deserts and Tundra

Also, there are certain things in the demo that do not work as they should, so before you report them as bugs, here are all the problems I know about this current build.

-Odd Plane-to-Plane collision
-Enemy Planes dont fire
-Enemy Plane AI sometimes screws up
-Odd Particle Effects
-Some Sound Effects dont play right

To round it off, if you are interested in the development of Angels 20, PM me or visit my Developers Journal

System Requirements

This was the lowest end machine we tested it on
533Mhz Pentium 3
64 MB of RAM
15 MB Hard Drive space
16 MB Video Card


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