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Lunar Rift v1.0.2
Developer   Jason Z

About: Lunar Rift takes the best features of two different genres - the action of an FPS and the strategy of an RTS - and combines them into one package. Two modes of gameplay are provided for variety: Real-Time and Turn-Based - which will you like better???

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New for v1.0.2:
- Added new input configuration to allow users to set their controls.
- Added quick unit selection with 1-5 keys.
- Allowed unit swapping and pausing during turn based turns.
- Modified the over head map so that each unit appears as two triangles, showing primary/secondary colors, position, and orientation.
- Corrected AI so that the units will not flip over while trying to track to its target.
- Increased AI rotation speed to allow them to track their target faster.
- Increased bullet speed from 80 to 120 (it just didn't seem right that you could nearly catch your own bullets).


Lunar Rift is a team based first-person shooter that attempts to add a couple of interesting twists. Currently player 1 is always you and player 2 is always the computer. Each team consists of five units. There are two modes of game play: Turn-Based and Real-Time.

In Turn-Based mode, you may select a single unit to play your turn as. For the duration of your turn, you can move your selected unit and fire your primary or secondary weapons at the opposing teams units. You can not switch units during a turn - only before you begin your turn. Once your turn is over, the opposing team is given an equal duration of time to move or fire at your units.

The turn based mode is intended to add some strategy to the basic FPS design. If you leave your units alone out in the open, they will probably get picked picked off. However, if you try moving all of your units together, you will be much too slow and your opponent will have the advantage. In addition, at the beginning of each turn, all units that are still active will regain 2 health points. This provides a small incentive to keep your units alive.

In Real-Time mode, you can control a single unit at a time, but there are no turns. You can switch to another unit at any time, but you and the opposing teams currently selected unit are active at the same time. This mode is intended to keep a similar level of strategy as the Turn Based, but increases the speed and intensity of the game.

In both modes, the winner is determined when the losing team is completely killed off.


During gameplay, there are two different GUI elements to provide information. At the upper right hand corner, an overhead view of the terrain is shown. This view shows all of your units as well as all of your opponents units as well. Don't worry, it not cheating because the computer knows where all of your units are too!!

The other GUI element is at the lower right hand corner of the screen. This menu will show the current unit's type, primary weapon, secondary weapon, and health. This is useful when switching between units to see what their status is.

System Requirements

DirectX 8 level video card (vertex & pixel shader 1.1 or better) with DirectX 9 installed.


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