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Alien Xenocide
Developer   snard6

About: Built for the lazy gamer… in a small window so as to be easy to start or stop on a whim. A space invaders type style with upgrades such as spread, homing, and wave, give the game an interesting replay value. Can you beat the game, probably, but once the difficulty increases can you do it again?

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Sent out as a last resort for your planet, you head towards an unfriendly planet. Mercenaries are your only hope against the Aliens who have attacked your planet. Yet on your way back you find your planet destroyed. Did you wait too long, or is something fishy about the scene? Battle through the swarms of Aliens to find the secret to your lost planet, and prepare yourself for the last battle!

The idea was originally a spin off of the old classic Space Invaders. But finally grew to be a much larger project. The game was built over the process of a few years as a mere hobby. It was started when I first started programming, and ended when I had much more experience. Because of that there are some known bugs with the general core of the game that can't, reasonably, be ironed out.

There are a few fun twists to the game that make it fairly fun. There are 10 playable levels, but once the game is complete you can start over on a harder difficulty level. Of course the increase is nearly exponential… so good luck. As of yet nobody has beaten the game three times through, although a few have made it to the last level on the third time.

The level format is very simple, feel free to add your own levels. If you do so, please e-mail me a copy!

For more information about the game e-mail me at snard6@yahoo.com

System Requirements

DirectX 8.0 is required. Windows 98 or Higher. At least 400 MhZ. Certain computers home known bugs, therefore you may receive a box that says "Having difficulty configuring speed".


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