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Asteroids 3D
Developer   Whatz

About: This is my vision of a 3D Asteroids Space Shooter. Personally, I kind of like blowing things up, and I especially like space shooters, so this game is great fun for me. =)

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I wrote this game using Delphi 7 and my own OpenGL-based graphics engine. The game actually came about while I was trying to work out the math and mechanics behind full 3D movement in space. Needing objects for perspective, I tossed out a couple of spinning cubes. Then, a few more. Then, I thought, "Hey, I really wanna blow those cubes up!", and so, I modifed the code to do just that. Soon after, I realized that the cubes really wanted to be asteroids, and that my R&D project really wanted to be a game in its own right. Later, I started playing around with various types of weapons just for the heck of it, and 6 weeks later, this is the result.

On the downside, there are still a couple of bugs I'm chasing down, and the Frame Rate sometimes takes a beating at higher game levels. The sounds are not perfect yet, and I would like to add some interesting explosions as well. However, the game is pretty solid, and its been quite the adventure and learning experience.

I am interested in any and all feedback, especially those about joysticks and gamepads. Also, I would like to know how the game performs on various PC's and versions of Windows. My development PC runs XP Pro, a 2.5GHz P4, with 1GB of RAM. The game has run smoothly on 2 other computers as well.

Thanks in advance for your feedback! =)

System Requirements

Windows 9x XP
Best played with a Dual-stick Controller (gamepad), or a joystick designed for flight simulation at the very least.


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