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You walk back over to the bed, carefully pulling the fungus you scraped off the wall earlier out of your pocket. Tarah comes back in carrying a small lamp, which she places on the low table to light the room. As she turns to leave her eye catches the fungus you are turning over in your hand. "Oh! I see you've found some darkmold." She holds out her hand and you gently place the brown, crumbly plant into it. "It grows best in dark, dry places. We hardly use this room, not many guests come by." Her expression turns thoughtful. "You know, this can be brewed into a fairly potent healing poultice - I'm not well-practiced in herbal arts but I'm sure I could make it mildly effective...?"
"Sure, thank you." 60.4% 98
"No thanks, I'll hold on to it." 39.5% 64
[Previous Polls] Total Votes: 162