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Poll Results
"Well you're in luck!" says Tarah as her smiles brightens. "This is my own recipe for Tha'nit stew." She chuckles. "Now I know how that sounds, but trust me I've been making it for years and there's nothing to worry about! It's Voryn's favorite dish and after the news recently well... I felt it would help cheer him up. Plus it's always been well-received by what few guests we've had." She takes another taste test. "Ah yes, just about ready..."
"Worry? What's a Tha'nit?" 48.2% 81
Go outside 3.57% 6
Sit at the table 5.95% 10
Inspect powder rifle 14.2% 24
Inspect shelves 4.16% 7
Look out a window 8.92% 15
Enter master bedroom 14.8% 25
[Previous Polls] Total Votes: 168