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Poll Results
You exit the room and find yourself in a large common area. A circular heath lies in the middle with a hood that runs up through the roof to pull the smoke rising off the blazing cooking fire that lights the room. The meaty aroma comes from the pot hanging over the fire, which Tarah is slowly stirring as she hums to herself. Against the wall with the door leading outside is a table with two chairs and a small stool. Shelves of cooking supplies and herbs line the wall next to your bedroom door. Across the room you see a door ajar leading to what appears to be another bedroom. The fourth wall has two small windows looking out into the darkening evening. Propped up in a corner is an aged powder rifle with a well-worn barrel but a finely-crafted and newer-looking wooden stock.
Go outside 5.66% 9
Sit at the table 1.88% 3
Talk to Tarah 37.7% 60
Inspect powder rifle 20.1% 32
Inspect shelves 6.28% 10
Look out a window 20.1% 32
Enter master bedroom 5.03% 8
Return to your room 3.14% 5
[Previous Polls] Total Votes: 159