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Poll Results
The ladle doesn't go back to stirring the pot as Tarah stares at you in confusion. "What's a Tha'nit? Why, everyone knows what a..." she breaks off as realization dawns and plops the ladle back in the pot as she chuckles to herself. "My my, but you must have traveled a long ways indeed." She grabs the pot's wooden handle and lifts, sinewy muscles appearing along her arms. She carries the pot over and sets it on the table, then continues to prepare the place settings. "It's a reptile, about an arms-length long, brown, with a poisonous barb-tipped tail. It's the poison I was joking about. I figured out how to cook it out so you could eat the Tha'nit. They're tough to catch, they'll chase you for hours if they're provoked, but thankfully they're mostly just scared off by any loud noises." She pats the stool at the table. "Voryn should be back any moment now. Ready to eat?"
Go outside 4.68% 6
Sit at the table 42.1% 54
Inspect powder rifle 17.9% 23
Inspect shelves 7.03% 9
Look out a window 14.8% 19
Enter master bedroom 13.2% 17
[Previous Polls] Total Votes: 128