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The man and woman look at each other, as if just realizing they haven't introduced themselves, or silently debating whether they even should. Then the woman turns to you and smiles, though her husband's face remains impassive. "How rude of us. My name is Tarah," she gives you a small curtsy you assume to be traditional and gestures back to the man. "This is my husband and owner of this land, Voryn." The man, Voryn, nods as he crosses his arms and leans against the jamb. "Before we are fully introduced, "he says, "we must also know your name."
"I was orphaned young, I do not recall my name" 12.4% 35
"Oh is that so? I don't feel like telling you." 9.21% 26
"I am simply a Traveler" 33.3% 94
"I'm... I'm having trouble remembering..." 45% 127
[Previous Polls] Total Votes: 282