Making metalic text in Photoshop
by Matthew Allen
MXF Entertainment
updated: 2/12/00

metal_1.jpg (6556 bytes) First, make a new image and type the text you want with the text tool. Make the text grey (168, 168, 168).
metal_2.jpg (8154 bytes) Right click on the text layer, render it, and add the Bevel and Emboss effect.

Use these settings:
Highlight and Shadow Opacity: 80%
Style: Inner Bevel
Angle: 120
Depth: 10
Blur: 1

Not much yet...

metal_3.jpg (13394 bytes) Now is the important part: make a new black layer, go to the Filters menu, and add a Noise->Add Noise filter. Use these settings:
Amount: 55
Distribution: Uniform
Monochromatic: checked

Click Ctrl-F to add it again. Next, add the Blur->Motion Blur filter.
Angle: 80
Distance: 10

Now change the layer Mode to Overlay.

metal_4.jpg (13649 bytes) Next, have at it with the Dodge and Burn tools with a medium sized brush with opacity at 10-15%.
metal_5.jpg (15027 bytes) Add a little brownish looking rusty stuff with the Airbrush at 8% opacity and a medium brush. If you do too much, just use the Sponge tool set on Desaturate at about 20% opacity. I also Blurred it twice and Sharpened it once to antialias it.
metal_6.jpg (15207 bytes) Now, add some dents. Make the dark part with the Burn tool with a 1 pixel brush and 30% opacity and the light parts with a Dodge tool and the same settings.
metal_mxf.jpg (27675 bytes) I added the bottom part as an afterthought. I just made a selection with the Marquee tool and filled it with grey. The I made some text, rendered the layer, did an Inner Bevel, and Merged it with the MXF layer. Then I Dodged, Burned, and Airbrushed it to make look like the MXF. I also did a lot of Desaturating.
metal_mxf_good.jpg (53959 bytes) This image was done using the same technique as the one above. I just spent a little more time on it. I would have used it, but I didn't have each of the steps as a seperate image.

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