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ok... he're what I think you're looking for... 

(this is just my fast way C copy... )

matrix set_rotations(matrix m, vector d, vector u){
	float t;
	vector D,U,R;
	D.x = d.x;
	D.y = d.y;
	D.z = d.z;
	U.x = u.x;
	U.y = u.y;
	U.z = u.z;
	t = U.x * D.x+U.y * D.y+U.z * D.z;
	U.x -= D.x *t;
	U.y -= D.y *t;
	U.z -= D.y *t;
	m._11 = R.x;
	m._12 = R.y;
	m._21 = U.x;
	m._22 = U.y;
	m._31 = D.x;
	m._32 = D.y;
	m._33 = D.z;
	m._13 = R.z;
	m._23 = U.z;
	return m;

ok... what this thing does is: make the d (in parameter), vector, 
your Z vector,.. and the u (in parameter) vector, into your Y vector.

ok.. say you have 2 points...  5, 10, 20... for campera. and 
100,200,300, for point... 

you do something like... 
that would make a rotation matrix, which will make the 
point-camera vector your current Z...   the up_vector
is somethign you'll have to figure out..... it's 
your "roll".. (I think that's what it is.. ).. 
put your ear to your shoulder... (that's what that is... )

well... the source can be found in one of those DX samples.

hope it works... (never actually tried it myself... )

Frederic Calendini        wrote in article
> Hi !
> I would like to implement a virtual camera in my 3D viewing system, but
> know exactly how to do it.
> Currently my system uses three angles (theta, phi and psi). So I must
> these 3 angles to determine the angle from which my world is seen; this
> system is not very intuitive, and I'd prefer give a point to look at
> So I think it's not very difficult to determine the 3 needed theta, phi,
> angles when I know the positions of my camera and the point I want to
look at,
> but I can't figure the correct formula by myself (I suppose that cos and
sin are
> used, but I'm not that good at maths, unfortunately).
> So could someone help me ? To sum up, I'm looking for formulas that would
> me the correct theta, phi and psi rotation angles, so the z axis of my
> system points to a given point (so by rotating my observer system with
> angles, my camera would look at the desired point).
> Thank you very much for your help (and sorry if this topic was already
> discussed, but I'm new to 3D ;-)).
> Best regards,
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> *                                                   *
> *  Fred. Calendini :     *
> *                 *
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