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Below is a list of all the featured articles posted on GameDev.net during 1999. In addition to the articles listed here, we have thousands of articles collected from around the net in our Reference section.

Game Design
12/24/99 Irreconcilable Differences: Game vs. Story by Mark Barrett
10/13/99 Deeper Meaning and Form in Video Games by Jonathan Mak
9/25/99 Designing for Online Communities by David Michael
9/25/99 A Practical Guide to Building a Complete Game AI: Volume II by Geoff Howland
8/24/99 Practical NPC Management Using Free NPCs by Brent Newhall
7/13/99 What Language Do I Use? by John Hattan
7/2/99 How Do I Make Games?: A Path to Game Development by Geoff Howland
6/15/99 The Focus of Gameplay by Geoff Howland

Game Industry
12/1/99 Game Development Schools Part 1 by Joseph Fernald
10/26/99 An Antidote for Magnetic Mocap Skeptics by Nancy Anisfield
10/6/99 XGDC Report by Dave Astle
7/30/99 Contracting Art For Your Game by David Michael
6/23/99 Game Development in a Virtual Environment by Jason McIntosh

Music and Sound
6/12/99 In The Mind of a Game Musician by Marcus Knudsen

12/24/99 Tile/Map-Based Game Techniques: Handling Terrain Transitions by David Michael
12/24/99 Unraveling Bézier Splines by Justin Renyen
11/24/99 Direct3D 7 Immediate Mode Framework Programming 1: The Basics by Wolfgang Engel
11/18/99 Win32 Assembly Part 4 by Chris Hobbs
11/12/99 DirectInput: Converting Scan Codes to ASCII by Photon
11/8/99 Working With AVI Files by Jonathan Nix
11/2/99 Why Pluggable Factories Rock My Multiplayer World by Mason McCuskey
10/30/99 Tile/Map-Based Game Techniques: Base Data Structures by David Michael
10/21/99 Writing Readable Code by Brent P. Newhall
10/17/99 Win32 Assembly Part 3 by Chris Hobbs
10/11/99 DirectX 7 Enumeration by Nathan Davies
10/8/99 Real-Time Rendering Chapter 6: Special Effects by Tomas Moller and Eric Haines
10/5/99 A DirectPlay Tutorial by Sobeit Void
9/23/99 Win32 Assembly Part 2 by Chris Hobbs
9/15/99 Developing A GUI Using C++ and DirectX Part 4 by Mason McCuskey
9/14/99 Direct3D Immediate Mode by Bipin Patwardhan
9/9/99 Creating a Quake-like Console Using DirectDraw by Pranay Uppuluri
9/9/99 Taking Advantage of the New Quake 3 Compatable Drivers for Voodoo1/2 by Ryan Haksi
9/3/99 Writing a Font Engine by Ben Hanson
9/1/99 Win32 Assembly Part 1 by Chris Hobbs
8/28/99 Resolution Switching Without Using DirectX by Ashley Matheson
8/25/99 Developing A GUI Using C++ and DirectX Part 3 by Mason McCuskey
8/12/99 The Water Effect Explained by Guy Willemse
8/9/99 Game Programming Beginners Guide by Dave Astle
7/29/99 OpenGL Texture Mapping: An Introduction by Nate Miller
7/5/99 Using Gamma Controls to Perform a Fade by Joseph Fernald
7/4/99 Developing A GUI Using C++ and DirectX Part 2 by Mason McCuskey
6/24/99 Statistical Client Prediction by Jakob Ramskov
6/24/99 Developing A GUI Using C++ and DirectX Part 1 by Mason McCuskey
6/23/99 An Overview of Direct3D by Bipin Patwardhan
6/14/99 MMX Enhanced Alpha Blending by John Hebert

Visual Arts
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