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Below is a list of all the featured articles we've posted on GameDev.net during 2000. In addition to the articles listed here, we have hundreds of articles collected from around the net in our Reference section.

Game Design
12/14/00 Of Good Guys and Bad Guys, Generals and Gangsters by Ernest Adams
11/27/00 On Gameplay by The Constable
10/16/00 The Interface Part II : Feeding the Player by Martin Kremecek
05/26/00 The Interface Part I : Mapping the Player by Martin Kremecek
05/23/00 Better Plots by Alex Kriss
04/30/00 Creating Virtual Worlds by Tels
01/25/00 The Progressive vs. Experience Dichotomy by Geoff Howland
01/14/00 The 3 Completes of a Game by Geoff Howland

Game Industry
7/31/00 Linux as a Gaming Platform by Mark Collins
7/18/00 Biology and Gaming: Why Women Don't Play Games by Philippe O'Connor
7/11/00 So you wanna be a software startup? by Stanley Foo
5/4/00 Three Sides by Sean Timarco Baggaley
4/27/00 A Look at ATI's New Technologies by Dave Astle
4/11/00 Conducting a Project Postmortem by Steve Pavlina
3/14/00 How I Spent my Spring Break: A Report on the 2000 Game Developers Conference by François-Dominic Laramée
3/7/00 Why the Hasbro Lawsuit Should Terrify Game Developers by Diana Gruber
2/28/00 Lone Wolf Killers Part II: The Development Phase by Mason McCuskey
2/10/00 Lone Wolf Killers Part I: The Design Phase by Mason McCuskey
2/1/00 How to Screw Up a Perfectly Good Game Company in Ten Easy Steps by François-Dominic Laramée

Music and Sound
8/14/00 Writing Game Music : Part III by John Licato
6/21/00 Writing Game Music : Part II by John Licato
5/15/00 Writing Game Music : Part I by John Licato

12/29/00 Java Game Programming Part I: The Basics by Adam King
12/28/00 OpenGL Object Hierarchy by Arturo "IRIX" Montieri
12/21/00 Simple Game Scripting Part 3: Control Stuctures for your Scripting Language by David Goodlad
12/19/00 Game Programming Genesis Part IV : Introduction to DirectX by Joseph "Ironblayde" Farrell
12/12/00 Tiling in OpenGL by Martin Estevao
12/7/00 Game Programming Genesis Part III : Tracking Your Window and Using GDI by Joseph "Ironblayde" Farrell
12/5/00 Getting Rid of the Windows Message Pump & Solving the ALT-TAB Problem by Javier F. Otaegui
11/30/00 DirectX 8 Graphics and Video: A Fresh Start by Toby Jones
11/28/00 Tiling in DirectX: Part 2 by Martin Estevao
11/18/00 Game Programming Genesis Part II : Using Resources in Win32 Programs by Joseph "Ironblayde" Farrell
11/17/00 Satan's Syntax by Steve Goodwin
11/14/00 Simple Game Scripting Part 2: Making Your Scripts DO Something by David Goodlad
11/12/00 Simple Bounding-Sphere Collision Detection by Oleg Dopertchouk
11/9/00 Mip-Mapping in Direct3D by Johnathan Skinner
11/5/00 Game Programming Genesis Part I : Beginning Windows Programming by Joseph "Ironblayde" Farrell
11/2/00 ClanLibbing Part 1: Getting Started by Michael DePalatis
10/30/00 Optimizing Java by Ted Bradley
10/19/00 The Art of Code Documentation by Drew Sikora
10/11/00 Geometry Culling in 3D Engines by Pietari Laurila
10/8/00 Chess Programming Part VI : Evaluation Functions by François-Dominic Laramée
10/6/00 Simple Game Scripting Part 1: Storing/Reading Your Scripts by David Goodlad
9/5/00 Chess Programming Part V : Advanced Search by François-Dominic Laramée
8/31/00 Direct3D 7 Immediate Mode Framework Programming 4: Building Worlds With X Files by Wolfgang Engel
8/16/00 Speeding up Memory Reads and Writes with VectorC by Andrew Richards
8/11/00 Application of Genetic Programming to the Snake Game by Tobin Ehlis
8/8/00 SuperQuadric Ellipsoids and Toroids, OpenGL Lighting, and Timing by Jonathan Metzgar
8/6/00 Chess Programming Part IV : Basic Search by François-Dominic Laramée
8/1/00 Choosing Between Utility and Modifier Plug-Ins for 3D Studio Max by David Lanier
7/29/00 Performance Programming Applied to C++ by Joris Timmermans
7/24/00 Tiling in DirectX: Part 1 by Martin Estevao
7/17/00 Chess Programming Part III : Move Generation by François-Dominic Laramée
7/15/00 Motion Planning Using Potential Fields by Stefan Baert
7/9/00 Using VectorC to Take Advantage of MMX, 3DNow! and SSE by Andrew Richards
7/6/00 Quaternion Powers by Sobeit Void
7/5/00 Real-Time Radiosity Part II by Nathan Vegdahl
7/3/00 Understanding Data Structures Part 1 : Linked Lists by Kevin Hawkins
6/29/00 Game Programming 101 Part II by Bruno Sousa
6/27/00 Elementary Digital Filtering by Ender Wiggen
6/24/00 Modular Programming: A Classless Approach Part I by Dan Arson
6/19/00 Low Latency Garbage Collection via Reference Counting by Photon
6/16/00 WinSock2 for Games by Stefan Hajnoczi
6/13/00 Zero-Defect Software Development by Steve Pavlina
6/11/00 Chess Programming Part II : Data Structures by François-Dominic Laramée
6/6/00 Moving from Exclusive Mode to Windowed Mode in DirectX Part II by null_pointer
6/4/00 Game Programming 101 Part I by Bruno Sousa
5/31/00 Win32 Assembly Part 6 by Chris Hobbs
5/29/00 Direct3D 7 Immediate Mode Framework Programming 3: Multitexturing by Wolfgang Engel
5/8/00 Chess Programming Part I : Getting Started by François-Dominic Laramée
3/30/00 Thinking in 3D - Part I by Jonathan Tanner
3/20/00 Moving from Exclusive Mode to Windowed Mode in DirectX Part I by null_pointer
3/5/00 Understanding C++ Exception Handling by Steve Crocker
2/24/00 Using Direct3D For 2D Tile Rendering by Herbert "Bracket" Wolverson
2/22/00 Using Interfaces with DLLs by Gaz Iqbal
2/19/00 Real-Time Radiosity by Nathan Vegdahl
2/14/00 Defeating Lag With Cubic Splines by Nick Caldwell
1/23/00 Win32 Assembly Part 5 by Chris Hobbs
1/17/00 Resource Files Explained by Jesse Towner
1/11/00 Spectral Synthesis Noise for Creating Terrain by druid
1/10/00 Direct3D 7 Immediate Mode Framework Programming 2: First Steps to Animation by Wolfgang Engel

Visual Arts
6/28/00 Creating Good Game Art When You’re Not An Artist by Mason McCuskey

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