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Below is a list of all the featured articles we've posted on GameDev.net during 2001. In addition to the articles listed here, we have hundreds of articles collected from around the net in our Reference section.

Game Design
12/6/01 Of Mice, Men, and Mod-Friendly Architecture by Richard Fine
11/25/01 Humor in Games by Brian Sowers
10/29/01 Motivations in Games by Sarbasst Hassanpour
10/15/01 Using Low Level Stories by Jonathon Schilpp
9/8/01 The Yin and Yang of Games: Code and Content by Richard Dare
6/18/01 Lock Mechanisms in Game Design by Jonathon Schilpp
3/16/01 Pedersen's Principles on Game Design and Production by Roger E Pedersen
3/9/01 You Got Game by Drew Sikora

Game Industry
11/15/01 Effective Bug Tracking Process by Yaron Sinai
10/13/01 Game Creation on the Cheap by Krystian Bates
10/4/01 The 2001 Classic Gaming Expo by Shelly Hattan
8/20/01 Corel and Bryce® 5 Sure to Make a Scene
7/22/01 Critical Path Analysis and Scheduling for Game Development by Jack Hoxley
5/21/01 Managing Digital Assets in Game Development by Otamere Omoruyi
4/13/01 Tales from the Loneliest Frontier by François Dominic Laramée
4/11/01 What's Wrong With Modern Games? by Cliff Harris
3/20/01 Inside the 2001 Game Developers Conference by GameDev.net
2/22/01 Basic Negotiating for Fun and Profit by Steve Pavlina
1/22/01 How to Get More Sales for Less Work by Steve Pavlina
1/4/01 So you wanna work in a startup? by Stanley Foo

Music and Sound
1/2/01 Writing Game Music : Part IV by John Licato

12/31/01 DirectX Graphics for Visual Basic Part 3 by Jack Hoxley
12/20/01 Achieving Frame Rate Independent Game Movement by Dan Ricart
12/17/01 The Simple DirectMedia Layer from a Win32 Perspective, Part 2: SDL Video by Ernest Pazera
12/9/01 Real time deformation of solids, Part 2 by Pierre Rebours
12/4/01 The Simple DirectMedia Layer from a Win32 Perspective, Part 1: Setting Up Your System for SDL by Ernest Pazera
11/28/01 Physics for Game Developers Chapter 6: Projectiles by David M. Bourg
11/19/01 Really Fast Software Blending by Kevin Gadd
11/9/01 Advanced WinSock Multiplayer Game Programming: Multicasting by Denis Lukianov
11/6/01 Bezier Patches by Michael Skinner
10/30/01 Bitwise Operations in C by Joseph "Ironblayde" Farrell
10/7/01 The Power of the Creator by Ben Dilts
9/27/01 Shader Programming Part I: Fundamentals of Vertex Shaders by Wolfgang Engel
9/20/01 How to create a Non Blocking Server by Richard Hallet
8/29/01 Quadtree and Octree Culling Alternative by Henri Hakl
8/27/01 Real time deformation of solids, Part 1 by Pierre Rebours
7/25/01 The World of 3-D Graphics Part 2: Vectors and Planes by David Bull
7/18/01 A Singleton Texture Manager for OpenGL by Chris Smith
7/13/01 Cel-Shading by Sami "MENTAL" Hamlaoui
7/6/01 2D Rendering in DirectX 8 by Kelly Dempski
6/28/01 Trees Part 2: Binary Trees by Ron Penton
6/26/01 The World of 3-D Graphics Part 1: An Introduction by David Bull
6/15/01 The Universal Game-Find Server by Chris Haag
6/13/01 Using PDL for Code Design and Documentation by Drew Sikora
6/6/01 Java Game Programming Part III: The Power of Arrays by Adam King
5/31/01 Fast Scripting - a pre-compiled approach by Micheal Ireland
5/27/01 Trees Part 1 by Ron Penton
5/23/01 An Exceptional Quest by Sobeit Void
5/17/01 Targeting - A variation of dead reckoning by Chris Haag
5/15/01 Making Games For The Dreamcast Using Standard GNU Tools by Kevin Fowlks
5/10/01 Java Game Programming Part II: Making a Simple Game by Adam King
5/1/01 Creating 3D Tools with MFC by Joe Houston
4/10/01 Game Programming Genesis Part X : Tips and Tricks by Joseph "Ironblayde" Farrell
4/9/01 DirectX Graphics for Visual Basic Part 2 by Jack Hoxley
3/14/01 Flexible User Input Programming – An Idea by Yordan Gyurchev
3/12/01 C++ Debugging by null_pointer
3/7/01 Game Programming Genesis Part IX : Adding Characters by Joseph "Ironblayde" Farrell
3/5/01 Making Galaxies by Patrick Down
3/1/01 Multi-User Chat Client and Server by Francis Shanahan
2/28/01 PocketPC: An Introduction by John Hattan
2/26/01 Advanced Image Panning by Daniel Wilhelm
2/17/01 DirectX Graphics for Visual Basic Part 1 by Jack Hoxley
2/12/01 Game Programming Genesis Part VIII : Basic Tile Engines by Joseph "Ironblayde" Farrell
2/10/01 Quadtrees by Jonathan Ferraris
2/7/01 Shadows by Michael Skinner
1/31/01 Programming with Asynchronous Sockets by Drew Sikora
1/29/01 Game Programming Genesis Part VII : Developing the Game Structure by Joseph "Ironblayde" Farrell
1/15/01 Windows' SEH and C++ Exception Handling by null_pointer
1/12/01 Game Programming Genesis Part VI : Bitmapped Graphics in DirectDraw by Joseph "Ironblayde" Farrell
1/9/01 DirectMusic Symphony In C++ Part One - Using DirectMusic to make music in your games by Mike "Aldacron" Parker
1/6/01 Structured Exception Handling Basics by Vadim Kokielov
1/3/01 Game Programming Genesis Part V : Palettes and Pixels in DirectDraw by Joseph "Ironblayde" Farrell

Visual Arts
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