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Object Oriented

Resources Listed: 14
Object Oriented
Topic Author Description
A Laboratory for Teaching Object-Oriented Thinking
[Added: 8/29/2001]
Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham  Description of software design technique for both novice and experienced procedural programmers to the anthropomorphic perspective necessary for object-oriented design. 
Building bug-free O-O software: An introduction to Design by Contract
[Added: 8/29/2001]
ISE  The notion of Design by Contract is central in the systematic approach to object-oriented software construction, as embodied in the Eiffel method. This article presents the key ideas.  
Design Principles and Design Patterns
[Added: 8/29/2001]
Robert C. Martin  A brief explanation of the ten Principles of OOD with supporting patterns. 
No Silver Bullet Reconsidered
[Added: 8/29/2001]
Brad Cox  Superdistribution could let software engineers overcome the software crisis as tangible domains surmounted the same problem, by encapsulating complexity so thoroughly that everyone else can forget it. The solution requires enforcing property rights in digital goods as robustly as conservation of mass enforces them for tangible goods. 
Object Oriented Game Programming: Robot Functions
[Added: 5/1/2008]
Paul Stevens  This article explains "Robot Functions," special objects which can be used to automate variable manipulation in your game. 
Object Oriented Game Programming: The GUI Stack
[Added: 5/1/2008]
Paul Stevens  This article explains how a stack data structure can be a useful way to organize interfaces in your game. 
Object Oriented Game Programming: The Scene System
[Added: 5/1/2008]
Paul Stevens  This article presents an object-oriented structure for managing the various scenes in your game, from title screens to option screens to gameplay. 
Object-Oriented Metrics: People and Publications
[Added: 8/29/2001]
Empirical Software Engineering Research Group  This annotated bibliography is meant to offer an authoritative coverage of what is known about measurement of object-oriented technology and its use.  
Object-Oriented Scene Management
[Added: 5/2/2002]
Jeff Kershner  This article will present an abstract, expandable, object-oriented method to handle generic objects for a practical and organized game engine. 
Object-Oriented System Development Method
[Added: 8/29/2001]
Dennis de Champeaux, Douglas Lea, and Penelope Faure  Complete description of a object-oriented software development method. 
Principles of Object-Oriented Design
[Added: 8/29/2001]
Robert C. Martin   
Structuring Use Cases with Goals
[Added: 8/29/2001]
Alistair Cockburn  This paper introduces a theory based on a small model of communication, distinguishing "goals" as a key element of use cases. The result is an easily used, scaleable, recursive model that provides benefits outside requirements gathering: goals and goal failures can be explicitly discussed and tracked; the goals structure is useful for project management, project tracking, staffing, and business process reengineering. The model and techniques described here have been applied and evaluated on a relatively large (50 work-year, 200 use-case) project. 
The UML v1.1 and Beyond: The Techniques of Object-Oriented Modeling
[Added: 8/29/2001]
Scott W. Ambler  This white paper describes the object-oriented (OO) modeling techniques employed on large-scale, mission-critical (MCCR) applications using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) v1.1. 
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