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Level Design

Level design is becoming one of the most important aspects of game development. Here, you'll find articles to help you improve at it.

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Level Design 
Subcategory: Level Design
Topic Author Description
Beginning Level Design Part 2: Rules to Design By and Parting Advice
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Tim Ryan  Shares not one, not two, but 20 rules to design by, plus parting wisdom for aspiring level design gurus. 
Beginning Level Design, Part 1
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Tim Ryan  Presents the first of a two-part series targeting aspiring level designers, in which he concentrates on level design theory. 
Book Excerpt: Mastering Unreal Technology Volume 1: Introduction to Level Design with Unreal Engine 3
[Added: 9/21/2009]
Jason Busby, Zak Parrish, and Jeff Wilson  This excerpt is taken from Chapter 9: Introduction to Kismet 
Creating Virtual Worlds
[Added: 5/17/2000]
Tels  A look at how to simplify level creation by using and, when necessary, making, the appropriate tools. Although the article covers the engine behind Thief and System Shock 2, the principles can be applied in general. 
Using Max Script for Building Game Levels
[Added: 8/30/2001]
Shailesh Watsa  Explains how Dhruva Interactive adapted an existing tool to meet their level building needs. 
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