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Design Documents

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Design Documents
Topic Author Description
A Primer for the Design Process: Part 1, The Design Document
[Added: 7/5/2000]
Tim Huntsman  This first article explains what you need to do to get ready to make a game. 
Chris Taylor's Design Document Template
[Added: 6/22/2000]
Chris Taylor  A template from the founder of Gas Powered Games and creator of Total Annihilation. 
Creating a Great Design Document
[Added: 9/7/1999]
Tzvi Freeman  A nice overview on how to create that perfect design doc. 
Game Design DOC's (USENET Discussions)
[Added: 8/6/1999]
Various  Taken from a Usenet thread, this document provides several tips on creating a design document. 
How to Write an Effective Design Document
[Added: 5/25/2007]
Scott H, SlickEdit  This article will discuss how to do write an effective design document concisely with no special tools, and without needing to know UML. It will also discuss why a well written design document is one of the most valuable tools a developer can have when entering a new project. 
Monolith Productions' Claw Design Document
[Added: 10/21/1999]
Monolith  This is a professional design document from Monolith Productions in MS Word format (.doc) that is zipped up. 
The Anatomy of a Design Document, Part 1: Documentation Guidelines for the Game Concept and Proposal
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Tim Ryan  Make sure that your design document meets the needs of the project and your team by instilling procedures that will help you complete your game on time and on budget. 
The Anatomy of a Design Document, Part 2: Documentation Guidelines for the Functional and Technical Specifications
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Tim Ryan  This article is part two of a series that provides guidelines that, when followed, will ensure that your design documents will be pertinent and to the point. 
The Anatomy of a Design Document: Templates
[Added: 7/20/2003]
Tim Ryan  These templates are based on the documented outlines from Ryan's "The Anatomy of a Design Document" articles (published on Gamasutra). Used with permission and compiled by Chris "coldacid" Charabaruk 
Tom Sloper's Format for Game Design Specifications
[Added: 8/6/1999]
Tom Sloper  A basic template for a design document, including a description of what belongs in each section. This is more suited to presenting a game idea to a publisher than for an internal design document. 
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