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Subcategory: General Interviews
Topic Author Description
A Look at GameInstitute
[Added: 6/20/2001]
Drew Sikora  We talked to the founder and CEO of GameInstitute to find out more about the program. 
Alan Yu and Jason Della Rocca
[Added: 3/14/2002]
Drew Sikora  The Director of the Game Developers Conference and the Program Director of the IGDA. 
Alex Houdent
[Added: 2/9/2009]
Jon Jordan  Alex Houdent from GlobZ explains why webgame Globulos is pinging over to DS 
American McGee
[Added: 8/28/2001]
John McLean-Foreman  Designer behind Alice. 
André LaMothe
[Added: 6/26/2001]
Dave Astle, Kevin Hawkins, et al  Author and owner of Xtreme Games 
Behind the Music of Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings
[Added: 5/6/2009]
Music4Games.net  Interview with composer Gordy Haab: "My entire score is written like a concerto for orchestra in that it features challenging solos from various instruments - basically, every instrument in the orchestra at some point or another is featured in a soloistic fashion. My use of counterpoint is also a unique feature, in a time where the trend is to have many instruments playing the exact same melody to create 'size'." 
Behind the Music of inFAMOUS
[Added: 5/6/2009]
Music4Games.net  Interview with SCEA Music Team: "Experimentation wasn’t allowed on the project….it was demanded! Right from the start we were tasked with doing something these guys had never heard before." 
Behind the Music of X-Men Origins: Wolverine
[Added: 5/6/2009]
Music4Games.net  Interview with composer Paul Haslinger: "Activision and Raven gave me a list of music they saw fitting for the game, including some of my previous work from Underworld, Death Race and Far Cry, along with other composers they had used for temp. They also mentioned several metal/hardcore bands they enjoyed listening to both personally and while working on the game. They wanted the score to have a bit of that edge." 
Blaine Christine
[Added: 9/24/2008]
Beth A. Dillon  BioWare Austin Producer Blaine Christine talks about his classic story going from QA to Producer and how it led him to his life at BioWare 
Brian Moriarty
[Added: 8/28/2001]
Ernest Adams  on Text RPGs and Skotos Tech 
Chris Hargrove
[Added: 6/18/2001]
GameDev.net Staff  Our conversation with 3DRealms' Duke Nukem Forever programmer. 
Chris Hargrove, Part Deux
[Added: 6/18/2001]
Kevin Hawkins  We talked to Chris about his departure from 3DRealms. 
Dana Dominiak
[Added: 6/18/2001]
Diana Gruber  Discussion with the head of Webfoot Games about the Hasbro lawsuit. 
Dane Olds
[Added: 9/24/2008]
Beth A. Dillon  Ready for a Retro-Future with customizable characters and a wide range of new creative "homemade weapons" to blast away your nuclear waste enemies? In this Notes on Game Dev interview we feature character artist Dane Olds, who is responsible for weapons as a character artist for Bethesda's much anticipated Fallout 3 
Dave Grossman
[Added: 8/13/2008]
Beth A. Dillon  the Director of Design at Telltale Games talks about episodic game content for Sam and Max as well as Strongbad 
Denzil Long, Jr.
[Added: 6/26/2001]
Mike Tanczos  Senior programmer at Westwood 
Developer Spotlight: Dave Eberly
[Added: 6/5/2007]
Emmanuel Deloget  We interview Dave Eberly about his views on the game industry 
Developer Spotlight: Jonathan Blow
[Added: 5/21/2007]
Emmanuel Deloget  We interview Jonathan Blow about his views on the game industry 
Eric Christensen
[Added: 6/26/2001]
Mike Tanczos  Formerly of Square USA 
Ernest Adams
[Added: 6/26/2001]
Mike Tanczos  Freelance game designer and columnist 
Feargus Urquhart
[Added: 6/18/2001]
Tramell Issac  The head of Black Isle Studios 
FlashGameLicense.com Interview
[Added: 8/25/2009]
Oluseyi Sonaiya  We talk to the people behind FlashGameLicense.com about the services they have to offer to Flash game developers 
GameAlmighty Interview with Jason Della Rocca
[Added: 5/22/2007]
Sam Sollars  Jason Della Rocca, Executive Director of the IGDA, has given Game Almighty an exclusive interview about the ever-evolving working conditions within the gaming industry. Rocca details how the quality of life for designers influences the final product and why new-comers to the industry should be aware of the many pitfalls they face. 
Geoff Howland
[Added: 6/26/2001]
Sweet.Oblivion staff  Head of Lupine Games 
Greg Hjelstrom
[Added: 6/26/2001]
Mike Tanczos  Lead programmer at Westwood Studios 
Interview with Alan Yu
[Added: 3/15/2004]
Drew Sikora  Alan Yu is the Director of the Game Developers Conference. We chatted with him about the 2004 GDC. 
Interview with Garage Games
[Added: 10/5/2005]
John Hattan  We spoke to GG's Jay Moore about IndieGamesCon 2005. 
Interview with Jamie Woodhouse
[Added: 4/22/2009]
Graham Rhodes  We interview the sole developer of a game that has been ported to numerous consoles over the course of 20 years, such as BBC, Amiga, GBA and now PC. How he has grown and evolved as an indie over this time is revealed. 
Interview with Jen Bahan
[Added: 4/8/2009]
Adrian Walker  Jen Bahan is the Rigging & Technical Animation Supervisor at Rhythm & Hues 
Interview with PushButton Labs
[Added: 7/1/2009]
Oluseyi Sonaiya  We interview Ben Garney, one of the lead developers behind the new Flash gaming engine being developed by PushButton Labs, many of whom are former employees of Garage Games. 
Jake Simpson
[Added: 6/26/2001]
Mike Tanczos  Lead programmer at Raven Software 
Jenova Chen
[Added: 11/5/2008]
Beth A. Dillon  Jenova Chen, creator behind the multi award-winning student game Cloud and flOw, co-founder of thatgamecompany, is dedicated to expanding the emotional spectrum of video games and making them available for a much wider audience. And how did Jenova "make it" as an independent developer? With a lot of support and a drive for innovation.  
Jon Decker, Mike Felker, Tom Freeland
[Added: 6/26/2001]
Geoff Howland  We talked to the Games Factory crew about the game they made in 4 days. 
Karthik Bala
[Added: 1/23/2005]
David Michael  We spoke with the head of Vicarious Visions about developing Spider-Man 2 as a Nintendo DS launch title. 
Marianne Krawczyk: Game Writer, God of War
[Added: 6/26/2008]
Beth A. Dillon   
Maurine Starkey
[Added: 8/19/2008]
Beth A. Dillon  Maurine Starkey is a founding member of Westwood Studios. She has worked as an art instructor, lead artist, art director, creative director, producer and game designer for over 24 years. She is currently the Producer/Designer at SkillJam Technologies Corporation. 
Michael Bourland
[Added: 6/18/2001]
John Munsch  The scoop on Dominion Games, open source pioneer. 
Michael David Smith, Gareth Morgan, Véronique Froment
[Added: 6/18/2001]
Geoff Howland  A look at SoftImage. 
Microsoft Casual Games
[Added: 12/4/2005]
John Hattan  On October 27 at the Austin Game Conference, GameDev.net's own John Hattan interviewed Microsoft Casual Games' own Chris Early and Shawn McMichael. 
Minh Le
[Added: 5/31/2001]
John McLean-Foreman  Creator of Counter-Strike 
Norihiko Hibino
[Added: 1/21/2009]
Music4Games  GDC09 Interview with Norihiko Hibino - CEO, Composer and Producer at GEM Impact 
OGDC Event Interview
[Added: 4/27/2007]
Drew Sikora  A short interview with OGDC conference director Peter Freese 
Raphael Lacoste
[Added: 7/28/2008]
Beth Aileen Dillon  Assassin's Creed Art Director Raphael Lacoste gives insight about his experience working on the beautiful gameplay-oriented title from world travel for art inspiration to his decision to pursue art in film 
Roger Pederson
[Added: 6/26/2001]
Mike Tanczos  Game industry veteran 
Shawn Hargreaves
[Added: 6/26/2001]
Mike Tanczos  Creator of Allegro 
Tamir Nadav
[Added: 10/29/2008]
Beth A. Dillon  Tamir Nadav, formerly a programmer who has marked his path out as a game designer at KingsIsle, has been involved in the industry for over 5 years with his enthusiastic networking abilities. You pretty much can't miss him with hair like that 
Tim Sweeney
[Added: 5/31/2001]
John McLean-Foreman  Epic Games coding god 
Unity Interview
[Added: 8/20/2007]
Drew Sikora  We talk to one of the founders of the Unity game engine 
Subcategory: Spotlight Interviews
Topic Author Description
A First-Look at 0 A.D.
[Added: 6/14/2006]
Jason Adams  Jason Adams interviews Wildfire Games, developers of the historical RTS 0 A.D. 
A First-Look at Sector 13
[Added: 3/19/2006]
Oli Wilkinson  Oli Wilkinson takes a first look at Sector 13, the exciting new space combat game from Reactor Interactive. 
Andrew Russell Studios
[Added: 10/21/2009]
Oli Wilkinson  GameDev.net’s own Andrew Russell talks about the creation of Dark, his entry in this year’s Dream Build Play competition 
Cadenza Interactive
[Added: 10/7/2009]
Oli Wilkinson  Spencer Roberts talks about the development of Sol Survivor, a top 6 finalist in the Dream Build Play 2009 competition. 
Coin App, LLC
[Added: 9/16/2009]
Oli Wilkinson  Panya Inversin answers questions about the development of the game “Max Blastronaut” which came second place in this year’s Dream Build Play competition 
EDI Games
[Added: 1/20/2010]
Oli Wilkinson  We speak to Raymond Jacobs, founder of Massachusetts–based independent game studio Ethereal Darkness Interactive about their history and experiences developing RPG-Adventure games Morning’s Wrath and The Lost City of Malathedra
Flavien Brebion
[Added: 12/9/2009]
Oli Wilkinson  Flavien "Ysaneya" Brebion talks in-depth and technical about his procedurally-generated space MMO Infinity 
Humble Hearts
[Added: 9/9/2009]
Oli Wilkinson  Dean Dodrill answers questions about the development of Dust: An Elysian Tail, the winning game in this year’s Dream Build Play competition. 
Interview with Chris Rausch
[Added: 9/29/2010]
Tiffany Smith  We talk to the co-owner/co-founder of SuperVillain Studios about where he's come from and where he's going - especially with regard to SuperVillain Studios 
Interview with Dan Paladin
[Added: 9/22/2010]
Tiffany Smith  We have a short chat with The Behemoth's well-known artist Dan Paladin about his influences, artistic style, working at Behemoth and their latest title 
[Added: 10/15/2009]
Oli Wilkinson  Matthew Stenback talks about the development of Kaleidoscope, a top 6 finalist in this year’s Dream Build Play competition.  
Nivel21 Entertainment
[Added: 9/23/2009]
Oli Wilkinson  We interview Mauricio Garcia about “Rotor’scope: The Secret of Endless Energy”, Nivel21’s third place game in this year’s Dream Build Play competition.  
Unity CEO David Helgason
[Added: 12/23/2009]
Oli Wilkinson  David talks to us about how Unity got started, what motivated and steered them in the decisions they've made with the engine, and how they're working with the community to make it even better 
Unity Summer of Code Post Mortem: Cutscene Editor
[Added: 11/19/2009]
Oli Wilkinson  In the final part of our Unity Summer of Code interviews we speak to Canadian programmer and filmmaker Matthew Miner about his experiences developing his Cutscene Editor project for Unity. 
Unity Summer of Code Post Mortem: Detonator
[Added: 10/28/2009]
Oli Wilkinson  Artist and programmer Ben Throop talks to us about his experiences developing Detonator, a parametric explosion system for Unity picked for this year’s Unity Summer of Code competition.  
Unity Summer of Code Post Mortem: External Lightmapping Tool
[Added: 11/11/2009]
Oli Wilkinson  We talk to Polish developer and Informatic student Michal Mandrysz about the creation of his External Lightmapping tool for Unity, a project selected for this year’s Unity Summer of Code competition
Unity Summer of Code Post Mortem: Terrain Toolkit
[Added: 11/4/2009]
Oli Wilkinson  Sándor Moldán speaks to us about the development of his Terrain Toolkit, a project selected for this year’s Unity Summer of Code competition.  
YouYun Tech
[Added: 9/30/2009]
Oli Wilkinson  Hu Ling answers our questions about the creation of the game “HurricaneX2 Evolution”, this year’s fourth place in the Dream Build play competition. 
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