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Music and Sound

Here you will find articles about creating music and sound effects for games.

Also, please note that the programming side of audio (i.e., DSP, working with DirectSound, etc.) will be included in the Sound section in the programming reference area.
Resources Listed: 17
Music & SoundMusic and Sound Effect Collections
Music and Sound
Topic Author Description
Bigger Than Big: The Game Audio Explosion
[Added: 5/1/2006]
Steve Kutay  This feature covers the entire game audio production process for commercial games. 
Subcategory: Music and Sound Effect Collections
Name Rating Description
3D Cafe's Sound Effects
[Added: 1/16/2002 Clicks: 22357]
Do you require sound effects for your animations? 
[Added: 5/1/2008 Clicks: 4523]
Our website offers numerous packs of music exclusively designed for games and multimedia applications, with hi-quality previews and an immediate delivery after purchase. Gamemusicshop.com already features music and themes from Atlantis, Riverworld, Aliens, Obscura, Black Moon Chronicles, Eden the Lost world and more, published by Fox, Ubi Soft, Mindscape, Tengen, Sega to name a few... but also we offer unique music made exclusively for Gamemusicshop.com. New Packs are released every months and our artists can be hired for doing custom works for your projects.  
J Squared Productions
[Added: 3/21/2004 Clicks: 5678]
Very affordable custom game audio work. 
[Added: 3/2/2005 Clicks: 6057]
Royalty free electronic music 
Motion Samples
[Added: 3/24/2008 Clicks: 1729]
All of our sample libraries are recorded and/or mixed with Pro Tools HD ® and dithered with Apogee ® UV22 converters for the best sample quality available. The studio is also equipped with analog and modern outboard gear for processing dynamics and effects. Our engineers are audio extremists and will try new ways to mix sounds like sample from reel to reel tape or filtering with Kyma ®. Whatever the scenario, we do our best to offer innovative and useful products to our customers. 
[Added: 5/1/2008 Clicks: 1603]
Develops sound libraries that can be used in video game productions.  
[Added: 5/20/2002 Clicks: 9580]
Subscription based online sound sample library. 
Project Morfeo
[Added: 11/23/2004 Clicks: 3600]
The musical variety within Project Morfeo can be used for a wide array of projects. We offer music for video games, movies, commercials, etc. Project Morfeo specializes in the following styles: Electronic (Chill Out, Trance, Techno, etc), Soundtrack (Classical, Medieval, Epic, etc), Heavy Rock (Gothic Rock, etc), On request by customer. There is a great openness in each project towards different music genres. We believe on the 'evolution' of music by the contribution of different styles to create both emotional and powerful music. 
[Added: 7/26/2004 Clicks: 5161]
Description: ProMusicLoops offers high quality, downloadable, royalty-free music loops for multimedia and the web. 
SomaTone Interactive Audio
[Added: 4/25/2008 Clicks: 1234]
The SomaTone Team is one of the most sought after audio developers in the games industry. An exclusively trained audio production team, SomaTone Interactive Audio specializes in interactive media including games and online marketing. Highly preferred because of their talents in original music, sfx, VO, localization, audio integration and mixing, they are leaders in the games industry, having worked on hundreds of games divided between the console, casual, downloadable, handheld & online industries. SomaTone’s team of top audio professionals caters to clients that demand high-end audio in their productions. What makes SomaTone a unique and dynamic team (other than their superb talent) is their ability to understand each market and target audience, resulting in the right combination to produce winning titles.  
Soundoftheweb Network
[Added: 2/20/2004 Clicks: 5254]
Featuring the SoundEffectsVault and StockMusicVault on-line sound libraries. 1000's of sound effects, loops and music for digital media. 
[Added: 11/11/2002 Clicks: 10793]
Soundrangers offer an online royalty-free sound effects and music library optimized for use within games and interactive media. Custom sound design for pc, console and online games available. 
[Added: 4/18/2006 Clicks: 2278]
Offer royalty-music for game and film productions for the international market. The music is in CD quality for download and is handpicked from great artists. The music can be previewed and easily licensed for a project.  
[Added: 2/20/2004 Clicks: 5276]
Provides original music and sound effects for computer games and newmedia applications. 
Webtones Music
[Added: 12/1/2003 Clicks: 7594]
Royalty free music, sounds & voice for multimedia 
Chris Worth Productions
[Added: 8/23/2004 Clicks: 4931]
Chris Worth Productions is an award winning company that can write and provide music for games throughout the world. Our online music library resource contains hundreds of ready made tracks in themed categories. All styles from the latest trance music to real orchestral tracks are available to preview and purchase for instant download. The tracks and loops in the library are updated regularly so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest update info. Over a hundred years of combined experience means that you can also commission custom music from any of our composers knowing you will end up with a soundtrack that fits perfectly with your game. For more information, visit us at www.chrisworthproductions.com 
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