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Sprites and Tiles

2D games need art too! This section provides articles on these ever important, but difficult-to- create graphics.

For more information about Sprites and Tiles, check out:

Resources Listed: 4
Sprites and Tiles 
Subcategory: Sprites and Tiles
Topic Author Description
How to make Explosions
[Added: 1/28/2002]
Digital Nightmares  Explains a technique of creating explosion sprites. 
Isometric Tricks
[Added: 4/20/2003]
zman ziv  Explains how to set Max up to generated isometric animation frames. 
So You Want To Be A Pixel Artist?
[Added: 5/29/2002]
Tsugumo  An extensive tutorial covering many aspects of sprite creation. 
Tiled Terrain
[Added: 10/26/2001]
Mark Peasley  Examines some of the issues you may want to consider when starting to create a terrain tile set for a game. 
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