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Platform Specific

The articles you find here address platform-specific development issues. Platforms covered include Windows, Linux, PocketPC, PalmOS, and Cybiko.

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Resources Listed: 43
PocketPCGameBoy Advance
PalmPlaystation 2
Subcategory: Windows
Topic Author Description
A Simple COM Tutorial
[Added: 2/2/2001]
Odin Jensen  Provides a brief explanation of COM and an example program using it. 
COM: All You Need to Know to Get Started
[Added: 2/28/2001]
Francis Shanahan  Explains COM and provides some examples of using it. 
Continuous Updating in MFC
[Added: 2/13/2005]
Chris "iNsAn1tY" Mantle  Presents a method for allowing smooth updates in MFC. 
Creating a Win32 Window Wrapper Class
[Added: 4/29/2002]
Oluseyi Sonaiya  This article will help ease the pain of creating a class wrapper for Win32. 
Creating a Windows NT/2000/XP Service
[Added: 3/20/2003]
Dean Harding  Provides an explanation of and sample code for creating a Windows service. 
File I/O in Visual C++
[Added: 9/13/1999]
TANSTAAFL  Ernie answers one of the more commonly asked questions here, describing simply how to handle file I/O in Win32. 
Getting Rid of the Windows Message Pump & Solving the ALT-TAB Problem
[Added: 12/5/2000]
Javier F. Otaegui  Discusses how to use multiple threads to avoid having to use a finite state machine and use a traditional linear programming model. Also covers how to suspend your game when it's not active. 
Resolution Switching Without Using DirectX
[Added: 5/17/2000]
Ashley Matheson  A look at changing Windows' resolution using the Win32 API. 
Setting the Windows keyboard speed
[Added: 7/5/2000]
Matthew Allen  Shows you how to set the keyboard repeat rate using Win32. 
Setting up a window
[Added: 7/5/2000]
Jesse King  Provides a basic Win32 framework. 
Structured Exception Handling Basics
[Added: 1/6/2001]
Vadim Kokielov  This article discusses briefly the Windows technology known as Structured Exception Handling, including its advantages and disadvantages, its capabilities, and various technical aspects of its use. 
Understanding the Windows Aspect of DirectX
[Added: 10/13/1999]
  Covers most of the Win32 you need to know to make games in DirectX. 
Using a CallHandler and Caller Object to Simplify Function Calling Between Anonymous Objects
[Added: 3/26/2003]
John Hattan  If the title doesn't give you an idea of what the article is about, I can't help you. 
Using Interfaces with Dlls
[Added: 2/22/2000]
Gaz Iqbal  Responds to a common question about making dlls with classes using interfaces. 
Using Text-To-Speech as a Game Programming Tool
[Added: 4/16/2003]
Desmond (Dez) Lang  The purpose of this article is to introduce the use of Microsoft's Speech API (SAPI) 5.1 as an effective tool in game development. 
Using the Windows Template Library Part 1: Getting Started
[Added: 1/15/2004]
R.Mack  First in a series of articles to introduce developers to the use of the sparsely documented WTL library in a game development context. 
Using the Windows Template Library Part 2
[Added: 10/15/2004]
R. Mack  Covers the features of CWindowImpl in great detail. 
Subcategory: PocketPC
Topic Author Description
Games to Go: (Re)Making Games for Windows CE
[Added: 7/10/2000]
Jim Williams  Begins to show you what's involved in creating the basis for a platform/Sierra-style game for Windows CE. 
Games to Go: Windows CE
[Added: 7/10/2000]
Jim Williams  Looks at the game development options on Windows CE. 
PocketPC: An Introduction
[Added: 2/28/2001]
John Hattan  This article explores what exactly is Windows CE, what this PocketPC thing is, some of the technical aspects that make it the finest platform for handheld gaming available today, and how to get started developing for one. 
Subcategory: Dreamcast
Topic Author Description
Making Games For The Dreamcast Using Standard GNU Tools Part I: Getting Your Development System Ready
[Added: 5/15/2001]
Kevin Fowlks  The first installment in this series walks you through the steps needed to start developing for the Dreamcast. 
Making Games For The Dreamcast Using Standard GNU Tools Part II: Putting Graphics On The Screen
[Added: 5/15/2001]
Kevin Fowlks  Part 2 shows you how to work with the Dreamcast graphics system. 
Subcategory: Palm
Topic Author Description
Games to Go: The PalmPilot Series
[Added: 7/10/2000]
Jim Williams  See what makes the Palm family of devices tick, find out what game development tools are available, and see what games are currently under development and shipping for the Palm.  
Subcategory: Linux
Topic Author Description
Fun with Linux - Article 1/5
[Added: 7/5/2000]
Jered Wierzbicki  Introduces the reader to programming in Linux with 5 sample programs. 
Fun with Linux - Article 2/5
[Added: 7/5/2000]
Jered Wierzbicki  Covers some foundational issues with Linux game development. Unfortunately, despite the title, this is the last article in the series. 
Intro to Linux Development, Part 1
[Added: 12/5/2002]
Andrew Vehlies  The first part of this series covers the basics you need to start developing with Linux. 
Linux Game Development Part 1
[Added: 6/28/2007]
Troy Hepfner  Introduction to Linux and a high-level overview of Linux game development so you can get started 
Linux Game Development Part 2
[Added: 7/17/2007]
Troy Hepfner  Learn how to create a binary executable that will run on almost any Linux distribution. 
Linux Game Development Part 3
[Added: 8/11/2007]
Troy Hepfner  Learn about the different install builders that are available for Linux, and how to create an easy-to-use installer that will run on any Linux distribution 
Linux Game Development Part 5
[Added: 10/15/2007]
Troy Hepfner  Discover some tips for how to market your Linux game 
Subcategory: Macintosh
Topic Author Description
Porting Games to Mac OS X
[Added: 7/12/2001]
Tim Wood  Shows how to design your new title to ensure compatibility with this operating system or port your existing game over to take advantage of the Macintosh's untapped market. 
Subcategory: GameBoy Advance
Topic Author Description
Audio Programming on the GameBoy Advance Part 1
[Added: 5/21/2002]
Chris Strickland  Introduces the different hardware systems that control the playback of digital audio on the GBA, and touches on the topics of Timers, DMA, and the Direct Sound channels. 
Broken Sword: Palettized JPEG for Game Boy Advance
[Added: 3/9/2002]
Francesco Iorio  Discusses the technique used for storing lots of high detail, unique backgrounds in a very small space. 
Gameboy Advance Resource Management
[Added: 5/11/2001]
Rafael Baptista  Examines each of the various kinds of memory on AGB and the special restrictions on memory allocation that are particular to each one. 
GBA Development From the Ground Up, Volume 1
[Added: 1/8/2002]
Brian Sowers  The series is introduced by covering the capabilities of the Game Boy Advance and the tools you'll need to develop for it. 
GBA Development From the Ground Up, Volume 2
[Added: 3/6/2002]
Brian Sowers  Part 2 of this series covers the screen modes available on the GameBoy Advance, showing you how to select them and draw pixels. 
GBA Development From the Ground Up, Volume 3
[Added: 3/10/2002]
Brian Sowers  The third installment in this series provides an explanation and example of getting input on the GameBoy Advance. 
[Added: 3/19/2003]
  Lots of useful resources for GBA programmers. 
Subcategory: Cellphones
Topic Author Description
An Introduction to BREW and OpenGL ES
[Added: 8/27/2004]
Alan Kemp  Provides a tutorial for setting up the BREW SDK, a basic BREW application, and initializing and using OpenGL ES. 
An Introduction to Developing for Mobile Devices Using J2ME/MIDP (Part 1)
[Added: 6/2/2003]
Kim Daniel Arthur  As the gaming capabilities of cell phones has grown, they have become a much more viable target for both professional and hobbyist game developers. This article provides an introduction to mobile game development using J2ME. 
Porting Mobile Games - Overcoming the hurdles
[Added: 8/24/2004]
Allen Lau  A summary of the forces behind choosing internal porting versus outsourcing when porting mobile games. 
Subcategory: Playstation 2
Topic Author Description
Playstation 2 Game Programming Part 1
[Added: 7/25/2003]
Rob Louie  Introductory article to Playstation 2 development using the PS2 Linux Kit. 
Playstation 2 Game Programming Part 2: Drawing Primitives
[Added: 12/18/2003]
Rob Louie  Part two of the series covers drawing primitives, enabling settings like Gouraud shading, and basic controller access. 
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