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Tool Development

Covering everything from plugins to standalone tools.
Resources Listed: 6
Maya Plugns and ScriptsStand-alone Tools
3D Studio Max Plugins and Scripts 
Subcategory: Maya Plugns and Scripts
Topic Author Description
How to Write a Simple Maya Model Exporter
[Added: 4/18/2003]
Rafael Baptista  A crash course in all of the basic things you need to know to create a model exporter for Maya. 
Maya Exporter Factfile
[Added: 4/16/2006]
Rob Bateman  An extensive resource for developing Maya exporter plugins. 
Subcategory: 3D Studio Max Plugins and Scripts
Topic Author Description
Choosing Between Utility and Modifier Plug-Ins for 3D Studio Max
[Added: 7/31/2000]
David Lanier  Lanier, a programmer at Kalisto Entertainment, looks at the pros and cons of each type of 3D Studio Max plugin, and discusses using MFC within utilities. 
MaxScript 3.0 for Game Development
[Added: 6/14/2000]
Wyeth Ridgway  Learn how to write a game editor inside of Max 3.0 without touching a line of C code. 
Subcategory: Stand-alone Tools
Topic Author Description
Creating 3D Tools with MFC
[Added: 5/1/2001]
Joe Houston  Walks you through the creation of an MD3 viewer using MFC and OpenGL. 
Tool Postmortem: Climax Brighton's Supertools
[Added: 4/20/2003]
Shawn Hargreaves  Pick a random game development studio, and take a guess as to what software you will find their artists using. Adobe Photoshop, for sure. Probably also 3DS Max or Maya, possibly Lightwave or Softimage. You might even run into the odd copy of Houdini or Deluxe Paint. Those guesses would be badly wrong if you happened to visit Climax Brighton, where they use a trio of inhouse tools called Super Model, Super Ted, and the Bastard Love Child. 
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