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Topic Author Description
Asset Recovery: What to do When the Data is Gone!
[Added: 8/28/2001]
Tim Trzepacz  Secrets for handling missing data. 
Biology and Gaming: Why Women Don't Play Games
[Added: 7/20/2000]
Philippe O'Connor  This article suggests how some aspects of human biology may account for the lack of interest shown by women in existing games, while also presenting areas that game developers can explore to attain greater penetration of the female market. 
Casual Versus Core
[Added: 8/2/2000]
Ernest Adams  In response to publishers beginning to turn to the casual gaming market, this article discusses what casual gamers are. 
Corel and Bryce® 5 Sure to Make a Scene
[Added: 8/21/2001]
  In this article, Corel provides an introduction to the new Bryce 5. 
Cutting to the Chase: Cinematic Construction for Gamers
[Added: 5/24/2000]
Hal Barwood  This is about using the language of film when needed to advance your game. Written by Hal Barwood who has been around the block with adventure games once or twice. 
Effective Bug Tracking Process
[Added: 11/15/2001]
Yaron Sinai  Introduces the elementool bug tracking service by providing a description of what criteria bug tracking software should meet. 
Five Lessons I Learned From The GDC
[Added: 10/7/1999]
Mason McCuskey  If you will be attending the Game Developers Conference for the first time, or have attended it but didn't get as much out of it as you expected, read this. 
For The Artist New To Leadership in Game Development
[Added: 9/13/2000]
Di Davies  Examines some of the issues and challenges new lead artists or art directors may face. 
From Casual to Core: A Statistical Mechanism for Studying Gamer Dedication
[Added: 6/6/2002]
Ernest Adams and Barry Ip  Proposes 15 variables that are key to distinguishing between the hardcore and the casual gamer, and ways of measuring each for a given player. 
Game Creation on the Cheap
[Added: 10/13/2001]
Krystian Bates  Provides a review of the best cheap or free game development software available. 
Game Developer's Market Guide Chapter 3: Getting a Job in the Game Industry
[Added: 9/25/2003]
Bob Bates  A chapter from the book Game Developer's Market Guide, edited by Bob Bates, from Premier Press. To find out more about this book or to order it, click here
Game Port: Game Development in Singapore Part 1
[Added: 6/26/2004]
David Michael  The first of a series of articles about game development in Singapore 
Game Port: Game Development in Singapore Part 2
[Added: 7/22/2004]
David Michael  Profiles a few game development shops in Singapore, looks at their different approaches to design and marketing, and discusses some of the issues they face. 
Game Port: Game Development in Singapore Part 3
[Added: 9/28/2004]
David Michael  The final installment in this series looks at the game industry in Singapore from the eyes of someone trying to break in. 
Game Producers Panel Report
[Added: 7/16/2003]
Anne Toole  A summary of a recent gathering of game producers involved with high profile Hollywood licenses. 
How I Spent my Spring Break: A Report on the 2000 Game Developers Conference
[Added: 3/15/2000]
François-Dominic Laramée  As expected, the latest GDC gave some insight into where the industry is headed. This article discusses some of the major trends. 
How To Pitch Your Game
[Added: 9/13/2007]
Joshua Dallman  broad tips that will help independent game developers successfully pitch themselves or their game to any publisher without boring the publisher or losing their interest. 
Internet Business Models: New Options for Game Developers
[Added: 6/14/2000]
Ian MacInnes, PhD  Outlines how the growing use of the Internet is changing business models in the computer and video game industry.  
Keys to Mobile Entertainment Success
[Added: 5/10/2002]
Rann Smorodinsky  Despite industry scepticism and technological restrictions, the mobile entertainment industry is set to explode. So, what are the mobile entertainment success factors? 
Licensing Issues
[Added: 7/6/2000]
Mary-Margaret Ipser, Ellen Guon Beeman, and Robin McShaffry  Focuses on different kinds of licensing issues: licensing an engine for development, licensing the right to use another game company's intellectual property to publish add-on modules, and licensing non-game intellectual properties for use in game development. 
Linux as a Gaming Platform
[Added: 7/25/2000]
Mark Collins  GDNet staffer Mark Collins discusses the Linux operating system as a gaming environment. 
Living Through Layoffs
[Added: 5/17/2000]
Ellen Guon Beeman  Learn how do deal with one of the downsides of this volatile industry. 
Open Source and the Gaming Industry
[Added: 6/11/2002]
Richard D Shank  Discusses the open source movement, and explores some ways in which the game industry can take advantage of it. 
Porting Mobile Games - Overcoming the hurdles
[Added: 8/24/2004]
Allen Lau  A summary of the forces behind choosing internal porting versus outsourcing when porting mobile games. 
Should working in games be more fun?
[Added: 11/23/1999]
Francois Dominic Laramee  The facts about what working in the game industry is really like. 
Tales from the Loneliest Frontier
[Added: 4/13/2001]
François Dominic Laramée  FDL presents his report of the Freelancers' Roundtable he moderated at the 2001 Game Developers Conference. 
The Clash of Mobile Platforms: J2ME, ExEn, Mophun and WGE
[Added: 5/21/2003]
Pedro Amaro  Provides an introduction to game development on mobile platforms, looking at the current market and the strengths and weaknessness of four platforms readily available to independent game developers. 
The Game Industry and the Economics of Failure
[Added: 11/23/1999]
Francois Dominic Laramee  Looks at some of the problems with the game industry, and suggests how they can be fixed 
Three Sides
[Added: 5/17/2000]
Sean Timarco Baggaley  Although some of the defendants in the Hasbro case have settled, the controversy rages on. This article looks at the issue from Hasbro's perspective, and suggests ways in which the industry may benefit from it. 
Video Games and Salem in the 21st Century
[Added: 11/6/2000]
Geoff Howland  Compares the recent accustations of video games causing violence to the Salem witch trials. 
What's Wrong With Modern Games?
[Added: 4/11/2001]
Cliff Harris  Independent game developer Cliff Harris discusses 12 things he thinks is wrong with games and the game industry today. 
Why the Hasbro Lawsuit Should Terrify Game Developers
[Added: 3/7/2000]
Diana Gruber  What could the Hasbro lawsuit mean to you? Look inside to see what an industry veteran has to say about it. 
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