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Resources Listed: 9
Topic Author Description
A Win32 Approach to Multi-threaded Servers Part I - WinSock
[Added: 4/18/2002]
Kurifu Roushu   
Advanced WinSock Multiplayer Game Programming: Multicasting
[Added: 11/9/2001]
Denis Lukianov  What is the magic behind multicasting and how can it be used in our games?  
Programming Resources for WinSock 1.1 and 2
[Added: 9/10/1999]
lewis@sockaddr.com  Contains the winsock specification and some well documented C code samples for performing various tasks with Winsock. The source is from the book "Winsock 2.0", and should be useful on an intro level. 
Programming with Asynchronous Sockets
[Added: 2/1/2001]
Drew Sikora  Describes how to create and use asynchronous sockets. Assumes a basic understanding of Winsock. 
The Game Programmer's Winsock Reference Guide
[Added: 5/31/2001]
Johnnie Rose  In-depth coverage of all Winsock subjects and valuable links to other game development sites 
The Internet, A Summary Introduction to TCP/IP, and Losing Underwear
[Added: 9/14/1999]
Jered Wierzbicki  Jered Wierzbicki has written this comprehensive introduction to programming with the Internet. 
Windows Sockets Programming (Winsock)
[Added: 9/10/1999]
Ed Snible  Contains some answers to various general Winsock questions. It does provide links to various code examples and other sites where you can further your knowledge of sockets programming. Very general. 
WinSock2 for Games
[Added: 6/15/2000]
Stefan Hajnoczi  If you've never really used WinSock, this extensive article will provide you with everything you need to get going, including source code and a demo. 
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